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Nestled deep within the Sahyadri range, the remote Ratanwadi in Maharashtra, has the rustic charm of a quaint village on a hilly terrain. Surrounded by trails and valleys, it is often deemed as a popular trekking site. It overlooks the holiday village of Bhandardara and makes for a humble day trip and a relaxing escape. This village is well known for the Amruteshwar Temple, which is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Carved with delicate intricacy, this temple is sure to stir your soul to a calming peace. Ratanwadi is also the abode of the 2,000-year-old Ratangad Fort, which can be reached by trekking to the place. Being a very small village, there are only a few rickshaws available for commuting. Then again, the village is small and doesn’t offer too much to get around for. There are no mentionable places to stay at Ratanwadi. Instead, you can camp near the Arthur Lake during the day and sleep at the available hotels in Bhandardara. Try to locate the hidden peaks of Kalsubai and Ratangad while having a laid back day alongside the scenic lake. If you have a day to spare, Ratanwadi is the place to be.
This trek is Moderate and can complete in 1 Day,its is not complete jungle trek it like Combination of forest trail and iron ladders.The base village is Ratanwadi Maharashtra and best time to visit in Winter.Ratangad fort is a part of the Kalsubai range, which consists of some of the highest peaks in the Sahyadris. Ratangad gives you the best views of surrounding peaks and Bhanadardara dam. The robustness of Sahyadris can be experienced only from a few forts and Ratangad is one of them. Standing in the “Eye of the Needle” is a major attraction.If you want to experience staying in caves, Ratangad is the perfect trek to do!Trek DetailsTime taken: 7 hoursTrek gradient: ModerateWater sources: None on the trail. There is a cistern inside the fort that has potable water through the year. Carry 2 litres of water for the trek.The trek begins from Ratanwadi village. Make your way to Amruteshwar temple once you reach the village. This is a 1,200 year old Hemadpanti temple. The walls of this temple are adorned with beautiful and intricate stone carvings and sculptures. The Pravara river flows by the temple.
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Reaching Ratanwadi is a little bit of tricky as it is very difficult to find a shared vehicle to there. So I decided to hitchhike and walked to the starting point of the road to Ratanwadi. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Bhandardara lake and Arthur dam from here. After waiting for half an hour, I managed to get a lift on a bike to Samrad village, which is the base village for Sandhan Valley. Ratanwadi is around 8 kilometre before the Samrad. The road is going along the edge of the lake, and you can see the awesome view of the lake from many points. Ratanvadi is a small village consisting less than 50 houses and a popular Shiva temple called Amruteshwar. The temple is completely carved out of blacks stone and is built in 900AD. After spending some time near the temple I started walking towards my destination. The trail to Ratangad fort starts 300 meters away from the road to the temple. Even I have the GPS coordinates to the fort, I confirmed the path with a villager. Also, I have recorded the GPS coordinates of the trail that I followed and its link is available in the description part.