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This is a municipal council in the District of Pune and is situated just on the banks of the beautiful Karha River. The main reason of its popularity is the famous poet, filmmaker and socialist named P.K. Atre or Acharya Atre. He is one of the pen heroes of the Marathi Language History and his series of books known as Karheche Pani is a renowned name in the History of Marathi Literature. This place is also known for the many picnic spots out here.
Saswad a small village near Pune with lots of historical places to check out!
Rudraksha Chodankar
I decided to take a right which was a narrow road leading to Sonori which further joined Saswasd hoping for some birding activity into the Village area and we did get lucky. Driving just for a km, we saw quite a no. of swallows; Red rumped as well as wire tailed. We also saw Large grey babblers, Black Drongos, Grey Francolins, Long tailed Shrikes, Laughing Doves, White throated Kingfisher and Brahminy Starlings. So much of birding only resulted in a drive lasting about an hour which covered only 8 KMs.
Rudraksha Chodankar
Due to a very high birding activity I was driving super slow, and the best part was that traffic is almost nil on this road which allows one to stop at will. Suddenly I saw a Long tailed Shrike which was little smaller in size; only to realize later that it was a Bay backed Shrike!