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Shani shignapur

This is a village in the Ahmednagar District and is known for its presiding deiting Lord Shani or the personification of the Saturn Planet. The unique part is that the swayambhu idol is not inside any temple but in the open and is just a black stone. There are also no regular priests for puja as you can do whatever way you want to worship yourself and there will be noone stopping you. another unique feature of this place is that none of the houses in the village has a lock or a door frame as they believe no crime can touch their village ever. The nearest attractions are the Lord Datta Temple and the tomb of Sant Shree Udasi Baba.
shubham saxena
After five minutes, suddenly door was open and we were asked to go for darshan- as there was some delay in Aarti. We entered from one side and have darshan and came out from another door, just opposite to entrance. After darshan we also went to Dwarkamai, Chavadi and Gurusthan. These all places are on the backside of Samadhi temple. We came to know that there is one new huge accommodation complex built by Sai Sansthan is opened for public and we can get room there. We hired an auto and reached there. The complex is huge, neat and clean with plenty of parking space. It is named as Sai Ashram Phase-1. We went to reception and book one non AC room with three beds. We stay there for one night and next morning we left for Shani Signapur.Shirdi:Shirdi is among the most popular religious places in India. It is a small town situated in Kopergaon, district Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Located around 250 km from Mumbai, the humble abode of Sai Baba attracts lakhs of pilgrims every year.
Ramadevi Reddy
After a complete 2nd day, we had some rest and traveled to local places around Shirdi like Shani Signapur.While going to Shani Signapur, you can find Sugar cane juice, you can stop and have a drink and you can continue to Shani Signapur.
Bhargav KVRK
Shani Shingnapur- A place very frequently visited by people who come to Shirdi, Shani Shingnapur has a temple of Shani deva which is around 65 kms away from Shirdi. More about it in Shani Shingnapur- An eye opener.
Nitish Jaret
Shani ShingnapurThe thing fascinated us while travelling towards Shani Shingnapur was Bull carting. The entire area of Shingnapur village is covered with sugarcane fields and local people use bull to extract juice from the sugarcane, instead of machines. You can find all those huts all the way along with the road.
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