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Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park can be known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Chandrapur area of Maharashtra. It is significant as Maharashtra's earliest and biggest national park. It is certainly one of India's 43 "Challenge Tiger" - tiger reserves.
For the first time, we feel so lucky that we get to see a tiger in the first attempt. We reached to Chandrapur, after a long road drive from Nagpur. What a hectic day it was? After attending a reception in Chhattisgarh we reached Nagpur at around 2 a.m. in the night. We picked our parked car and just ran. It was one of the best road trips I ever did in my whole life. I am always happy to explore new challenges and new adventures. Watching tiger even if almost 100 - 150m but still that moment I really want to live again. What an amazing day that was. We were very quiet and still just to see a tiger. Almost after 3-3.5 hours, we got to see his head such a giant animal he is. Then the mentor told us that her name is MAYA. In our bus, there were around 15 other people who came in all slots from last 5-6 days just to see a tiger but they did not get side view also. We feel so lucky at that moment at least.At the last we got to see the best sunset of my life, the sun is drowning, the fisherman is fishing, red-orange lakeside view. That was the best day of 2020.
WHEN – MAY 2019 - Hot but best time to see The Wild Cats.TRAVEL – Flight / Train to Nagpur & 3 Hours from Nagpur by road.
This year I decided to drop a cold destination during the Summers & chose to head to the opposite, straight into 40 degrees, one of the worst summers in Nagpur in the longest time. After hearing so much about Pench I decided to head out to Tadoba for 3 days before I made my way to Pench. A decision I absolutely do not Regret as I saw a total of 11 different Tigers in 3 days.
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