Things To Know About Tadoba National Park


If you are interested in exploring the dynamic & rich wildlife of India, Tadoba national park will be ideal destination for you! Home of countless species, thickly covered forests, far-fetched wildlife, amazing river beds, cavernous valleys and lush-green meadows; the ‘Tadoba National Park’ is a flourishing jungle near Nagpur which is located amongst Chimur Hills. You can find here immeasurable species of flora & flauna.

In 1986, Tadoba tiger reserve was integrated with the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary to form the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is known as one of the best tiger reserve in India. The core area of the reserve is a home of 44 tigers, there are 24 tigers in the buffer area and 34 more in the neighboring area of the park. For wildlife enthusiast, Tadoba national park is like a heaven where not only tigers but also jungle cats, panthers, gaur, hyenas, sloth bears, jackals, dhole or wild dogs, nilgai, spotted deer, chital, sambar & honey badger roam freely with glee.

The Tadoba tiger reserve spreads over 1727.6 of area with core area of 625 sq. km and is located in the north-east of Maharashtra state, in Chandrapur district. Tadoba comprises of a large number of water resources like Kolsa Lake, Telia, Andhari River, Erai Dam and Tadoba Lake.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve as a tourist destination

For a wildlife enthusiast & passionate nature photographer, nothing is better than being at one of the national park in India which offers many breath taking scenic zones of the park. The easy accessibility in Tadoba national park and various species of animals & plants makes Tadoba a trendy wildlife destination in India. You can get some of the best hotels and resorts in Tadoba at very affordable rates. Tadoba national park has three zones Tadoba ,Moharli and Kolsa, out of which, Moharli is the reserve’s most commercially appreciated point where most of the best accommodations are available.

So instead of planning any foreign tour or any other domestic tour, set your feet in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. Apart from rich wildlife heritage of Tadoba National Park, you will also be able taste one of the best authentic Maharashtrian “Varhadi” food