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This is a city and a municipal council in the dustrict of Palghar in the state of Maharashtra. It is also known as a taluka in the District of Palghar.
Niyati Mavinkurve
2. Talasari:Talasari is a tribal village where one can get a glimpse of how the tribals live. There are painted tribal houses, lush greenery and tourists can get an insight into the tribal way of life. Most of these tribals will be exhibiting handicrafts and home made products at the festival.
Kamalika Roy
The deep blue sea and white sand comprises the Talasari beach located in the state of Orissa. The calm and cool breeze running from Bay of Bengal adds to the beauty of this unscathed beach which is around 88kms from Balasore city. The sea waters here are not turbulent but calm and serene. This tropical paradise boasts of unique receding waters and a calm ambience which is enough to fascinate the tourists and provide them a perfect backdrop to enjoy their vacation.