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This is a small town in the District of Pune and is mainly known for the Chintamani Temple. This temple is also a part of the ashtavinayaka Temples Circuit. This temple is built in tamil style and is simple and white in color.
Tulika Todi
We had some breakfast on our way down and then made our way to Theur. The route was Lenyadri- Narayangaon- Manchar- Lonikand- Theur. The Chintamani Temple of Theur was moderately crowded and had the biggest temple complex. It was built by Peshwas over a century ago.
Ruchi Jain
The temple of Chintamani is located in the village Theur which is at a distance of 25 km from Pune. This temple is the largest amongst all the temples. During my visit newly married couples had come to seek lord's blessing. They were dressed in a typical Maharashtrian attire.