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Matheran Eco-sensitive Hill Station

After parking our vehicle we had to trek for almost half an hour to reach the market area. Along with a friend who knew the place, we were able to locate a calm, secluded and a huge hotel – Hotel Ashok, well more of a homestay! After completing the check-in formalities, we rushed to our rooms for a quick rest. Though the place had a mini swimming pool, the dust and the rains barred us from using it.Finally it was time to explore the place. Matheran has a lot of points to visit which of course could not be covered in a single day. So we picked a few and embarked on our small trek. Our first stop was the sunset point or as my friend calls it - the “edge of the earth”. I do not have enough words to begin describing the place. It was calm, serene and yet so magnificent. We sat there for almost an hour, clicking pictures and gazing at the mountains. I think each one of us, at least for a few minutes, got lost in the high peaks and began self-introspection or maybe just remembered a loved one.As it started getting dark, we decided to leave for the hotel. We were so amazed by the place that none of us could sleep before 4 a.m. We talked at lengths sitting on the veranda, listening to the melodious sound of the rain. We tried waking up for sunrise, but were too tired. “No worries” one of us said, “we can watch it in our next trip to this beautiful place”.
Rohit Soni
KEEP travelling and KEEP in touch with your love ones. :)
Ketki Rajeshirke
It was a quick one night trip to perceive the cooling weather on the hills of matheran, an escape from the boiling temperatures of mumbai life. Journey began on bike and a feeling of contend was achieved when we all could make it through the steep ghats to and fro with luggage. Steep ghats were succesfully taken care of my not so professional riders giving me an experience of how it feels back to life after making it through difficult sloppy roads in an insecured ride plan. Riders has not only made a safe journey but gave me an experience to remember to look forth for some more unsafe adventure.
Kunal Dwivedi
#Sun-rise #Peace #Pollution-free #The road from Pune-Matheran. #Ecosystem of the place.