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Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is a reservoir situated in the slopes 15 km toward the North of Shillong in the state of Meghalaya, India. It was made by damming the Umiam waterway in the mid 1960s. The chief catchment range of the lake and dam is spread more than 220 square km. The lake was framed as a major aspect of building a Dam. The dam began development in 1965. The dam has the qualification of being the first Hydel force venture in the North-east locale of India. The lake serves as a noteworthy vacation spot for the state of Meghalaya. Aside from putting away water for power era, the lake additionally gives home to various biological species at smaller scale, meso and full scale levels. Downstream watering system, fisheries and drinking water take into account nearby anthropogenic needs. It is likewise a well known destination for water game and adventure trips. Sightseers visit this spot for Scooting, kayaking, water cycling, and drifting.
Pankaj Mehta Traveller
       शिलोंग शहर से पहले ही आपको मिलता है उमीयम झील का मनमोह लेने वाला नजारा। इसके किनारे भुट्टे खाने और चाय पीने का मजा ही निराला है। यहाँ पर आप बोटिंग भी कर सकते हैं।इसको बड़ापानी भी बोलते हैं।
Sitting by the lake as you soak your feet in the crystal clear water; definitely a therapy.
Enroute to Shillong, I stopped at Umiam Lake, 17km from Shillong(1hour distance). Surrounded by thick coniferous forest and East Khasi hills, Lake is one of the most beautiful place to visit in Shillong.Popular as Badapani. this is a sprawling man made water body formed by damming Umiam river. Famous for thrilling water sports and fun activities.
Urvashi Rana
Day 1 : Guwahati - Shillong - CherrapunjiTo reach Meghalaya , Guwahati in Assam is one of the closest city with a good air & rail connectivity. I along with 3 other group members arrived at the Guwahati airport where the Economads focal picked us and we started our journey towards Cherrapunji via Shillong.The drive from Guwahati to Shillong is scenic with wide and well connected roads. You will find many eateries on this highway – we took a pitstop at Jiva Restaurant which was really good.Just 10kms ahead of Shillong is Umiam lake which is a major attraction for locals and tourists alike. It looks splendid from over the hill with a panoramic view of the dam and Umiam river surrounded by the lush green East Khasi hills. It was our first gateway to this wonderland of countless hidden waterfalls, picturesque rolling hills, limestone caves, sparkling rivers and the most humble people.We reached Cherrapunji tired from the day long journey and headed straight to our guesthouse - Osafi Inn.
Nomadic Raheem
The place is very beautiful and if you want get rid of hustle-bustle of city for some time this place is for you.