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Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Mukesh Rawat
The gorge reaches a depth of 800 feet just south of the Gorge Bridge, now a popular Taos tourist attraction, which was completed in 1966 and spans the gorge ten miles northwest of Taos. It is also the third highest bridge (650 ft) in the U.S, after the Royal Gorge Bridge (1053 ft) over the Arkansas river in Colorado and the New River Gorge Bridge (876 ft) over the New River in West Virginia.As you drive west along route 64 west of Taos, at first it just looks like an endless expanse of plains. Abruptly you see a tear in the earth. The bridge itself just looks like a beat up stretch of asphalt but about halfway across you look left or right you notice that the land falls away sharply and deep below there's a ribbon of green water.