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Anytime when one is visiting Mount Abu.
Right through the week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Bring out the child in you here. Enjoy the lake and the festive mood here.
No entry fee is charged for visiting the lake but the various stalls here are sure to lure you to buy something, so go prepared.
All year
Families, Couples
4 out of 33 attractions in Mt Abu

Nakki Lake

It is both, the myth that surround the Nakki Lake and its natural beauty, that make it a great sightseeing and tourist hub in Mount Abu. The name of the lake ‘Nakki’ comes from the Hindi word ‘nakh’ which when translated into English means ‘nails.’ The myth goes that the Gods had dug the earth using their nails and a stream of water burst forth here. Nakki Lake is surrounded by hills on all sides and attracts those who wish to be enveloped in nature’s lap. The atmosphere here is like that of a carnival with a number of stalls selling balloons, ice cream, juices and souvenirs around the lake. As a matter of fact, this place is great for a day out with the family.
Shubham Shrivastava
Nakki Lake:
Jaiveer Yadav
2. Nakki Lake