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Anytime when one is visiting Mount Abu.
Right through the week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Bring out the child in you here. Enjoy the lake and the festive mood here.
No entry fee is charged for visiting the lake but the various stalls here are sure to lure you to buy something, so go prepared.
All year
Families, Couples
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Nakki Lake

It is both, the myth that surround the Nakki Lake and its natural beauty, that make it a great sightseeing and tourist hub in Mount Abu. The name of the lake ‘Nakki’ comes from the Hindi word ‘nakh’ which when translated into English means ‘nails.’ The myth goes that the Gods had dug the earth using their nails and a stream of water burst forth here. Nakki Lake is surrounded by hills on all sides and attracts those who wish to be enveloped in nature’s lap. The atmosphere here is like that of a carnival with a number of stalls selling balloons, ice cream, juices and souvenirs around the lake. As a matter of fact, this place is great for a day out with the family.
Aarush Tandon
We had lunch at Honest in Nakki Lake market area(not a restaurant I would recommend) and were off to explore the whereabouts of Nakki Lake. Nakki Lake is just mesmerizing the view with the hills is just amazing. Nakki Lake has boating facility till 5 pm(30 mins) though only paddle boats so we decided to go against it. As I was having a 360 degree look around I saw toad rock in distance which was on my list of places to visit in the beginning. I asked around he said it was getting late( 6 pm) not the right time to do such a steep climb so I decided to do it the next day.
Varun Upadhyay
According to a age old myth, Nakki lake was dug by nail of people hence the name was struck. At Nakki Lake you can get a paddle boat on hire for INR 200 per person for 30-40 minutes which I personally think is a total rip off, but as the rates are fixed there is no scope of bargaining. We spent the next 45 minutes boating feeding ducks and panting paddling the boat around the lake.After boating we headed towards a small hill next to Nakki lake called Toad Rock. It is basically a huge rock that has naturally eroded in the shape of a huge frog. You will have to climb quiet a few steps to reach the top,. At around half the steps there is cave where it is said Swami Vivekanand meditated for some time. Be careful as there are no guard rails or fencing so you have to be very careful here on the top. This place gives a panoramic view of the Abu town and Nakki lake.After visiting toad rock we headed towards sunset point, and let me tell you this mountain top gives miles and miles of unobstructed view of the plateau on a clear day. From the parking one has to walk for around 2 km to reach the top, but let me tell you it will be worth it. If you dont prefer to walk; read: you are too lazy to walk, you can hire carts or a horse for INR100. Once you are at the top take some time to soak the view in. The sunset was totally mesmerizing paired with cool breeze.Day 2 Mornings in Abu are a charm. Lush green mountains everywhere. Who would not want waking up to these scenery? After freshening up we agian hopped in the car and set out towards Gurushukhar mountain at 8am.
Hakim Rtm
Now it’s time for heart of mount abu is Nikki Lake A beautiful lake surrounded by hills on all sides Best time to visit is in the evening after the sunset else you would feel the heat and It is a very ancient sacred Lake, according to the Hindu legend. It is called by this name because it was dug out from Nails (Nakh). You can enjoy boating in the lake. Charges are normal - Rs. 75 for half an hour for 2 seater paddle boat and Rs. 150 for half an hour for 4 seater paddle boat there is many place sit, relax and eat popcorns, ice-creams or anything. There is small garden area is there for the kids to play around. Photographers are there for clicks and they charge 50 Rs. for 1 copy of the photo. (Note: Be careful while boating and clicking the photos at Nikki Lake) here our weekend trip get over next day we left for udaipur
Raj Gopal S Verma
According to Hindu mythology, Nakki lake in Mount Abu is a very sacred ancient lake. The legend is that the lake was dug by the nails of the people, and hence the name. Other myth is that it was dug by Gods themselves to live in.
Bikashjyoti Pathak
Overcrowded attraction that can be much better.
Prateek Mehta
#go for boating in star(ry) peaceful night with cans in hand ;)
Raj Gopal S Verma
Nakki Late at Mount Abu is said to be the largest man-made lake at the height of 1,1 00 meters in India. People called it the love lake of Mount Abu. It is also regarded as the sacred lake for the proud Garacia tribe. They come to the lake on their festival in Shukla Paksha in April to worship and remember their ancestors, and consecrate their nails!
Nishit Parekh
Nakki Lake is centre of tourist attraction in Mount Abu at a walking distance from town centre. Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are also on hills near the Lake.
Nishit Parekh
Nakki Lake is centre of tourist attraction in Mount Abu at a walking distance from town centre. Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are also on hills near the Lake.
Shipra Dubey
This is the only artificial lake in India at an ht of 1200 mt above sea level situated in the heart of the city with a story behind its creation. People say that that the God’s had dug this lake with their own Nails( Nakh) and thus the name Nakki. When in Mount Abu you should come to this place for Boating, we took a Pedal boat and took a round ourselves that was very exciting.
Sundeep & Bedabrata
Nakki lake apparently has been named as such because legend has it that this lake was dug using nails (nakki). It’s a little like Naini lake though much smaller. Also, the surrounding topography is different. We paddled around in a boat for about half an hour (300/- for half an hour). It was a bright but breezy day. We were rejuvenated. There is a Bharat Mata temple on one of the sides. Tourists were having photographs clicked before the huge kitschy idol. Tip: Refrain from feeding stale puffed rice to the fish. This pollutes the water and may make the fish sick.