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24 out of 446 attractions in Mumbai
This is a public marketplace in the heart of Mumbai City and is also one of the most entertaining places here. The Colaba market is filled with shopping malls, bars, clubs, shops, restaurants and roadside stalls. People come here for various purposes and you get a lot of things here including fashion garments and accessories, handicrafts, souvenirsw, showpieces and what not. From here at a very close distance you can visit the famous Elephanta Caves and Bandra. Being at such a nice location, this place can be reached by anybody without a problem at all.
Lost Passenger
vidhi bubna
Colaba Causeway is an amazing street for shopping. You can buy cheap accessories, fake handbags, sunglasses and clothes here. There are also various antique shops like this one. This place has a serene environment though it is very noisy as this street is unique to Mumbai. There is no other place in Mumbai like this one. 
Say shopping and everyone will point towards Colaba Causeway. If you know the right places to look, you will find more than just street stalls selling dirt-cheap clothes. There are trendy boutiques, jewellery stores (remember the name Curio Cottage if you love antique pieces), and international brands.
Forerunners in many fields, it’s no wonder that Regal Cinema, the country’s first air-conditioned theatre—a feat recorded in the Limca Book of Records—was built in Mumbai by Framji Sidhwa, a prominent member of the Parsi community. The institution attracts movie-goers even today and stands tall at the junction of the Gateway of India and Colaba Causeway.
Preeti Vishwakarma
6. Colaba Causeway: A long shopping street which offers variety of products in terms of ornaments, clothes and vintage items. You can have replica of branded items here if you are lucky. Just keep your eyes open to catch a good item at cheap price.How to reach: nearby station Churchgate and take a taxi from there (fare - 40 rs. max)
Great place to shop ... from high end brands to street shopping.
Neha Dhanani
As soon one steps out of Mondies, one is surrounded with a row of road stalls, selling everything (clothes, shoes, bags, books, jewelry, accessories). The street also has a few brand stores like Levis, United colours of Beneton, Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. It’s a bit of an art to bargain, I have practiced it for years :P. Causeway always surprises me with the kind of stock that it is filled with. Good quality clothes and jewelry can be found at a reasonable rate. Again a favorite with the foreigners.
sneha shenoy
An entire lane of shopping, right outside Café Leopold that caters to every budget, style and taste. This stretch is very popular with the locals as well as the tourists. This place is termed as Mumbai's 'Culture Square'. You will find upmarket stores to shop from as well as small stalls where vendors keep calling out to you. It’s the place to pick up knick-knacks and hippy chic - with prices as low as your bargaining will take you.
Priyanka Gogoi
Fake Antiques (or are those grand-dad clocks real?), Moroccan Lamps, Junk Jewelry, Old maps, Collectible Coins, Apparels, Watches, anything and everything you didn't know you needed but now you do! Yes, that's the lure of the wares at the Colaba Causeway. It demands your attention and more often than not, you give in to a bit of the hedonistic pleasures of shopping. In any case, a Rs.200/- John-Lennon styled shades is worth spending on any day.
Srishti Mehta
Colaba Causeway is a famous discount freek shopping lane encompassing small local stores, eateries and branded shops.
Gautam Modi
Colaba Causeway: OMG, Its hard to visit Mumbai and not spend the time trolling on the streets of Colaba Causeway for shopping from Fake antiques to Silver Jewellery. You will find here everything. Bargain is the hardcore mantra if you want to shop here. It reminds me of Bangkok Local Markets. Two famous cafes on this busy shopping arena : Leopold and Cafe Mondegar. Leopold- Its a place where people come in groups for sipping Beer and long&healthy conversations. Just walk down the lane you will see the Majestic TAJ and Memorable Gateway. Its a must visit place. Always crowded and best place for hangout. Entry fee: NIL Recommended length of Visit: 2-3 hrs(including drinking at Leopold) How to Reach: Take taxi from CST station(Rs40 to 50 ) Tips: Go around 4pm