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Naggar Castle & Hotel Naggar Castle

Sharangee Dutta
For our last stop, we went to Naggar Castle that belonged to the King of Kullu. It’s a wooden castle and is strategically located right in the middle of Kullu with all the houses around. The balconies and the garden of the castle offers a fantastic view of the Himalayas. A part of the castle has been turned into a restaurant cum hotel; hence you aren’t allowed to enter the area that belongs to the guests. However, you are more than welcome to dine at the restaurant.Following our last adventure, we got us some coffee and was on our way to the river side again. It was our time to catch the bus back to Delhi. Baldev took a shortcut to reach the river side faster and it was yet again deadly. However, by then we had built our trust on his driving skills.
Abhinaw Chauhan
Castle is actually something of a misnomer. For one, it has been converted into an HPTDC hotel. This medieval Castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu kingdom around 1460 A.D. Now it was taken over to Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC), to run as a heritage hotel, since 1978. The castle overlooks the Kullu Valley and apart from the spectacular view and superb location this has a flavor of authentic western Himalayan architecture. Naggar Castle, now converted into a hotel since 1978 is an imposing structure. It was built by using a local stone. The style of construction ensured a lot of resilience in the structure, and it successfully withstood the mighty and disastrous earthquake of 1905. The tale recounted by villagers of its construction is interesting. It is said that the stone for building the edifice was to be brought from the other side of river Naggar. So right up to Baragarh fort, a human chain of laborers stood, passing the stones from hand to hand. The stones, picked up from the ruins of Gardhak, a fortified palace of Rana Bhosal, gave the king his castle. The site commands a stupendous view of the valley and the snow-laden peaks.
Tushar Gupta
On our way back, we visited Naggar Castle, the official seat of kings for centuries, it is made up of stones and wood. It was once the capital of the Kullu kingdom. At around 12 in the afternoon, we checked out and moved towards Manikaran.
Dipanjan Mukherjee
The Naggar hotel was beautiful and completely made of wood. Decorations on them are very detailed.