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Naggar Castle Road

Diana Banik
“This is the best cheesecake you will ever have in your life. Take my word for it.”As I exited the gate of the Naggar Castle and stood wondering which way to go, a board caught my eye, ‘Homemade Bakery & Coffee Shop’. Really?! Homemade? Ah, well, I have nothing to lose.Around the bend and very-easy-to-miss, was this tiny shop. Looked more like an antique/craft shop to me, but for its name – Naggar Delight Café. At the counter, stood this very talkative gentleman. I simply ordered a coffee and as I waited, I looked at the goodies in the glass case. He caught my roving eye and the faintest hint of interest that even I would have missed.It is very easy to tempt travellers with pretty looking food, especially someone like me who is perpetually waiting to gobble up anything new in sight. And he stood there explaining (and marketing). He displayed freshly-baked cakes and croissants; brownies and muffins; and the cheesecake. “Don’t try anything, but at least have the cheesecake. You will not regret it.”I did not. True to his word, it is the best cheesecake that I have ever had (and I have had many). And extremely delicious, almost disintegrating, brownie and walnut cake. Each cake was so fresh that I could feel the oven on my tongue. The coffee, equally good. In smallest and quaintest of places, when one is least expecting, stands a nondescript bakery and café.If you happen to visit Naggar, stop by this tiny café right opposite the castle. Open the jingling door and step inside. Take your time here. Place your order. Sit next to the window facing the road. Read a book or jot down your thoughts in that journal. And treat yourself to some wonderfully brewed coffee, cookies, and cakes. And don’t forget to ask about their special CHEESECAKE.
Sindhura B R
Luckily the climate was good! it was cloudy and misty which was perfectly made for our ride. we prayed GOD and start Pedaling. 1st day ride was around 38 km. But during cycling in mountains, KMs are just numbers. Some times we felt 20 km as easy path where as just 1 km as hell. It’s all depend on climate, our state of mind. On the 1st day with all enthusiasm we ride so well. The landscape was awesome.
Batuta's Gluttony
There is also a beautiful castle in Naggar that has legends associated with a former King of the Kullu region, and the castle has featured in a handful of Bollywood movies as well. Most other places that were recommended to us to eat at for shut. However, the next morning, we did walk up to the Roerich Art Gallery, which was on the other side of the town. Before that, we also happened to witness a major religious ceremony, where the idol of Sheshnag was brought into the castle after a gap of nine years (according to locals).
Pluto Panes
Krishna Temple: Across the Chaaki Nala, through fields of cabbage, this walk takes you up the village slopes. A shepherd dog joins in, as you meander along forest roads. Treading up the forsaken stream, resplendent with pebbles and rocks, watch sun rays shimmer on snow/capped peaks. Your path collides with the age-old, stone engraved Krishna Temple of Naggar. Its priest claims a holy legiance to the Pandavas. Shaded by a wooden parapet, its ancient stone walls cradle the idols of the gods. A bunch of daffodils attracts your eye, as you walk back through the shaded valley.
This impressive wooden castle was built in 1460 and offers spectacular valley views.