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Giraffe Centre

The Trunk Travellers
The Giraffe Centre (Entry KES 1000) next door lets you get ‘close’ to the endangered Rothschild giraffes. Feed them, caress them, hug them but make sure you have their feed in your hands or get ready for a headbutt. Look for Ed, he is the tallest and the friendliest of them all.
Neha Kirpal
After that adorable visit to the elephant orphanage, we made our next stop at the Giraffe Centre. This is a place where baby giraffes are enclosed in a safe area and fed food by visitors. It’s a thrill to see tall and graceful animals walk up to where you are standing and eat food right out of your hands! The giraffes have a look of utter serenity, peace and calm that fill their majestic selves at all times.
Rested for our bit, and then John from the travel concierge desk took us to Giraffe Centre, about 45 mins from the hotel. I had my first sighting of Pumba from The Lion King'. Alas! the warthog didn't look as cute as the movie.