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Nairobi, just like most other metropolitan cities of the world, offer accommodation for all kinds of travelers. Starting from self-serviced apartments to lavish five-star rated hotels, pick something to suit your budget. However, choice of accommodation and location also depends on what you are looking to do in Nairobi and the duration of your stay. Generally speaking, Westlands and Kilimani are good places to find a hotel in. These locations provide great connectivity with the rest of the city and you are also well-positioned to head out of the city easily. Check out The Heron Portico for mid-range accommodation or the DusitD2 Nairobi for a more luxurious stay.What to eat in NairobiKenyan food is no less of an adventure than the wildlife safaris the country is known for! If you are one of those who love to eat like a local, here are a few pointers for you.- Kenyans love their meats! The most common way to eat meats here is by roasting it. Roasted meat is commonly referred to as Nyama Choma in the local language.- The most common accompaniment to any Kenyan meal is the Ugali, which is a thick porridge made out of maize.