Maasai Market

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If you’ve had enough of wildlife by now and are craving to experience the city life, here’s something fun for you! Maasai Markets are open-air local markets typically set up at different locations in Nairobi on each day of the week. They are teeming with African handicraft items, clothes, local jewellery, wooden artifacts, and a whole lot more. A trip to Nairobi cannot be complete without paying a visit to one of these markets and experiencing the local shopping scene first hand. Maasai markets are a wonderful place to discover local art and artisans who come all the way from smaller towns to sell their labour of love. If you are looking to pick up souvenirs to bring back home, this is your go-to place. But here’s a word of caution - Arm yourself with your bargaining prowess to make sure you get an accurate price that’s fair for both parties. The idea here is to keep an open mind and completely immerse yourself in the local culture.Entry fees - FreeDrink up Kenyan tea and coffee