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13 out of 101 attractions in Nairobi

The Village Market

Neha Kirpal
We devoted the next morning to an authentic Kenyan shopping experience. The Village Market was great—a mix of several shops styled in the way of an outdoor complex. You can find lots of local designer labels here—get yourself a neat beach bag from the Kikoy store, which also sells clothes and household items made of local cloth in ethnic designs. You could also buy yourself some ethnic Kazuri Beads—having a wide variety of colourful and attractive ceramic necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pottery—made by the village women that reflect the culture and wildlife of this fascinating country. You can also pick up a tiny authentic bottle of the delicious South African fruit-based chocolate coffee liqueur, Amarula. At the Village Market, you can also shop for some big international brands. The market also has its own private home theatre and food court, where you can pick up lunch.