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September - February
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Nalanda University Ruins

Kshitiz Goliya
I reached the university ruins at around 2:00 pm and bought the entry ticket. While leaving the ticket window, an old man asked me to hire a guide as it may be difficult to grasp the place’s key features without some guidance. When I asked, where can I find one, he pointed to himself and showed his government authorization card. Since my schooldays, I have read about Nalanda in my history books and later, more elaborately, in newspapers and journals. With all that history behind, I was really looking forward to witness the remains of this glorious learning center and wanted to do it right. I decided to take the guide and a deal was struck for the standard rate of Rs 200. Mr R B Prasad, the guide, didn’t disappoint me.
Amitava Dasgupta
Ruins of Worlds oldest seat of learning/education.
Nalanda University ,more then 1000yrs old ,spread over 7km. Black Buddha is in Nalanda more than 1000yrs old, only two in the world(both in Bihar)