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Rajeev Khare
Day 04: Check out of Don Alfonso, Take Cab/Ferry from Don Alfonso to Capri, The tickets can be bought at the port on the spot. Check in Hotel Relais Maresca, walking distance to Capri port. Seemed like miles as we had too much baggage. Tip - Keep the luggage minimal or else spend on cabs, starting fare @EUR 50. Good, decent hotel.Sightseeing at Capri, Do private boat tour at Capri; group tours are ok, but hiring a private boat is just something. Just me and Lazy, the sky and the sea and our captain who was simply too cute.See the blue grotto in Capri. you will be mesmerized by the colors the water takes. The cave entrance is so small that everyone has to pile on top of each other in the boat to enter. The boatmen inside the grotto will also rush you through the whole experience, but it is ok. The spectacle inside is so beautiful and magical, it will take your breath away.
Nischal Muchakani
Sumedha Bharpilania
When one thinks of Capri, images of pristine white structures standing over an expanse of royal blue water come to mind immediately. And then of course, there are the massively popular Capri pants that we just can't seem to get enough of, no matter how much of a fashion faux pas they happen to be. The town and its lesser known sister 'Anacapri' illustrate luxury in ways like no other. Dotted with cafes that are absolutely nonchalant about the severely overpriced fare they serve and a plethora of designer boutiques, this beauty might burn a hole in your pocket, but it certainly is worth your time. Walk around the Piazza Umberto (I) to make the most of this Mediterranean experience. Most people like me take day trips to Capri from Naples. But there is no dearth of accommodation, albeit expensive, on the island majorly owing to the fact that it caters to VIPs from around the world. Make sure you go home with a lot of pictures and a bottle of 'Limoncello', a delectable Italian liqueur which is produced on the island. Getting there: There are ferries that run from Molo Beverollo port or the Porta Di Massa in Naples and get you to the island in an hour. Tickets come for around 19 Euros per trip and you can buy them from the counter at the port itself. A funicular (cable railway) which is opposite the Marina Grande, the main port of the island of Capri will take you to the town for approximately 2 Euros for a round trip. Must See: The Grotta Azzurra (The Blue Grotto) is a picturesque sea cave and one of the most popular attractions to be seen from Capri. Boat tours are available from the Marina Grande for around 20 Euros and the best time to visit is in the afternoon. However, if luck decides to desert you and the sea is rough, the Grotto is closed.
Juhi Bansal
While you are at Capri, do not miss the beautiful Blue Grotto as well!