Hatu Valley Homestay

Sri Harsha Arangi
Just after coming down, we stopped at a roadside eatery to have maggie. He asked we wanted to have egg. Couple of us said yes, no big deal. We realized what happened only when paying the bill. The maggie with egg was twice as costly at 100 bucks! They have to cover the transportation costs for the items that are not available locally and hence expensive. Lesson learnt! Went back to the home-stay, and peacefully sat in the balcony just outside the room. The mist seemed to be slightly going away. If there was anything that I was praying for in that trip, it would be clear skies, especially at night. Its very hard to find dark sites in South India, and you have to travel at least 100 km from the cities for decent skies but nowhere as good as those in the Himalayas. Had a wonderful dinner in the home-stay. Their food habits are simple yet tasty. They served us roti, sabji, dal and rice. This is typical food at that place, and was routine for the next few days.As we were going to bed, Siva and I were scheduling alarms for waking up at midnight. As you might have already guessed, we wanted to do astrophotography, to take pictures of the night sky. We woke up at 3am only to realize it was still completely cloudy, and headed back to sleep disappointingly.Day 2: Narkanda - Sangla Valley - Chitkul