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Neral - Matheran Road

Amit Kumar
A much awaited journey was about to start. I reached Mumbai at 11am and there she(my Wife) was waiting at Airport. We reached Neral at 14:15 and purchased two 1st class tickets and also bought some snacks at Neral. After few minutes train slowly started moving towards our destination. In first class, only we two were there. For the 1st hour, we couldn't found greenery to the surrounding but as the train was going forward, slowly slowly the barren hill was becoming greenery. But we can't compare Summer to Monsoon. In Monsoon, one can really find greenery to their surrounding. After 1 hour, the train stopped at Jummapatti station. Here one can use station's bathroom and can buy fruits from vendors. We bought Jamun, Jungle Jalebi, Indian Sherbet Berries and carandas cherry. One should try these fruits. After 20 minutes, train started from Jummapatti. Next stoppage was Waterpipe station and then Aman Lodge and finally Matheran Station. At Aman lodge, one has to park their vehicle and from here can book horse, Cart or else can wait for train which will take you to Matheran. Or even one can walk. it's hardly 20-30 minutes from Aman lodge station. While coming back, we tried the same, BUT BE CAREFUL OF MONKEYS. It took 4 hours to reach the destination i.e. Neral to Matheran. The whole journey was pleasant. One can enjoy the scenery from their window seat. Outside Panoramic view from the carriage gate was amazing. Just stand at gate and enjoy the journey. One should visit after rainy season to enjoy the greenery and some waterfalls which they can find on their journey to Matheran. It is the Journey not the Destination that matters.