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11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
6:00 AM – 7:00 PM
A good place to relax during summer afternoons and also an ideal place for history buffs.

Lodhi Garden

The morning walkers'paradise, this monument is underneath the supervision of Archeological Survey of India. This really is a critical place of heritage in the city whilst the pattern of architecture it follows is very little left in the country. This is a garden comprising of the tombs of famous rulers and is named after the Lodi Dynasty which was from the Afghan regions and ruled over Northern India and parts of Pakistan throughout the 15th century. The first ruler to be buried here was of Emperor Muhammad Shah by Alauddin Alam Shah. Probably the most famous of all the mausoleums is that of Sikander Lodi. He was a really able ruler and the hero who emerged after defeating Akbar the Great in the Battle of Panipat. The architecture of the tomb is unique with a mixture of Persian and Afghani architecture. The key mausoleum is in a very separate enclosure which can be further surrounded by beautiful lawns still well- maintained. the monument lies between the Khan Market and the Safdarjung Tomb.
Ipsita Ghosh
Note: It is open from 6 am to 11 am in the morning and then, 5 to 8:30 in the evening (Due to Covid-19)
Ipsita Ghosh
I heard of Lodhi Garden as a place of lover’s paradise, back during my college days and never gave a try to visit it, especially when my college (Dyal Singh College) was few steps away! Later, in 2015 when I fortunately took a walk there while waiting for a friend, I realized that I had actually undervalued the garden. Later from 2016 to 2018, I had subsequent visits, but not in a leisurely way.I have known that I can’t travel to other states anytime soon after the lock down, so I decided to visit both Lodhi Garden and Lodhi Art district for a change. I also know that if not attracted by the physical beauty of the places, I will at least have a peace of mind there (as I couldn’t keep myself indoors anymore). There’s no doubt in this, that Lodhi garden not only proves a candy to my hungry mind, but has also become one of my favorite gardens with such a huge variety of flora and birds all around. This time, I have had spent enough time while admiring the beauty of the garden and walking leisurely for not less than three hours.
Expected Time: 1 hour. Lodhi Garden
Tanya Jain
Lodhi Garden is popular for the tombs it has but also for how it has become an important place for picnics and recreation. People living and residing in the area come everyday for morning and evening walks. The ruins in the garden are well preserved and have their respective information displayed. Lodhi Garden as a place is of important visit for its stretched lands give peace to the traveler and a time of its own kind. Towards the end there is a lake which adds to the overall package which this historic setting holds.