The Garden made by British Lady Willington for Lodhi's!!!

30th Jan 2023
Day 1

As the name suggests , Lodhi Garden is a beautiful nature park situated in the capital city of India . It contains the tombs of Sayyid ruler Mohammed Shah and Lodhi king Sikandar Lodhi, Bada Gumbad (Big Dome) that lies in the middle of the garden and the Shisha Gumbad (mirror dome) opposite the Bada Gumbad.

The main sight has the Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, the second ruler of the Lodi Dynasty. The monument is situated approx 100 meters away from the Bara Gumbad. The  architecture of these tombs showcases Islamic and Hindu styles and consists of a central dome and octagonally arranged small domed structures forming a lotus finial.

The 90 acre garden was designed in 1936 and by the wife of the then Governor-General of India, Lady Willingdon and so was named Lady Willington Park. After Independence, the name was changed to Lodhi Gardens. The garden underwent a makeover in 1968 by American landscape architect Garrett Eckbo and architect Joseph Allen Stein.

Over the years, it has developed into a lush green tree-shaded garden with captivating historical structures ,tombs, bridges and a glass garden showcasing the beauty of bonsai and roses.

Due to the lush green cover, with freshness and purity of nature, Lodhi Garden has become an ideal and famous spot for family outings/ picnic,  morning walks, yoga routines and for all those who want to spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature.

Visit once and explore this beautiful place!!!

Entry ticket : Free
Timings : 6am to 8pm

Photo of Lodhi Garden by Amit Singla
Photo of Lodhi Garden by Amit Singla
Photo of Lodhi Garden by Amit Singla