Why is Lodi Gardens the perfect spot for Lazy Sundays?

Photo of Why is Lodi Gardens the perfect spot for Lazy Sundays? by Himani Malhotra

For the longest time, Lodi Gardens has been my favorite go-to place on Sundays. Just for the sake of going out and not regretting staying at home all day on Sundays. And being lazy af as I am and to save myself from the effort of getting ready and wearing fancy stuff, I prefer pyjama dates with my BFF in Lodi's abode.

Lush green as it is, it brings in a certain calmness while residing in the noisy and busy city of Delhi. It also brings out the happy baby spirit in you while giving a retreat to your body and mind.

Here's a few reasons why I think it's a perfect place and what you can do here to:

1) Serene Place for Morning Walks

Whatever kind of walker you are , whether the slow-chit-chatty with friends walker, the brisk walker, the headphones-on-world-out walker, the dog walker, the holding-hands walker, the OG jogger, the skilled cyclist or the learner cyclist, whoever you are this place is for you. The paths are built for all such activities.

2) Bring your Workout outdoors

If you are a fitness fanatic or a gym baby on weekdays, it's time you can bring your workout in the greenery. Carry your fitness mat and other equipment and you're good to go as there's tons of space to do whatever you want without any intervention.

3) Meditate your Tiring Week Out

Work is sometimes so tiring and stressful, here's the perfect place where you can meditate and do yoga to calm down your stress knots and not care about work (at least for a few hours). There are trees all around here and the weather is mostly pleasant which will soothe your nerves and prepare you for the coming evil Monday.

4) Perfect Picnic spot

Whether it's with your girl gang or buddies or your fam, this is the must visit place if you want to picnic for the day. You can set-up your sheets under a tree and layout your snacks and you are good to go. Since there's thick spread of trees , you can avoid direct sunlight. Still the best time to chill will be in monsoon or winter. You can play Badminton here or a game of football and mark it memorable.

5) Ideal for Couples

If you are one of those couples who are not much into expensive stuff and fancy Cafe dates, then this is the place for you. You can cherish long walks here. You can bring in the old school charm of holding hands and having deep conversations over chai while sitting in the eccentric tomb of Lodi Sahib.

6) For Architecture enthusiasts and History Buffs

If you got that old charms-in-ruins-seeker worm in you, you'll definitely get inclined to this place. With magnificent domes and well-curated with all season-flower gardens, This place has its own old school dazzle that engulfs you in.

7) For creating Art and Magic

Art it Out! Literally if you are wanting to seek any inspiration to paint, write, curate music. Here is your place to get creative and let your imagination flow.

8) For Content creation

For creating amazing content with gorgeous backdrop for your viral reels/shorts and other social media content, this can be your go-to place to shoot with the most picturesque location.

9) Aesthetically beautiful pictures

Budding photographers will always be found here with phones or cameras in their hands finding the perfect angles. If you are couple wanting to try self-photoshoots, this can be your place to make that dream come true. Also, an amazing venue for maternity or pre-wedding shoots.

10) Solo dates

And finally all my introvert buddies who love spending time with themselves, you can spend your perfect solo date here with your Coffee/Beer, reading a book, stroll around or doing whatever you want , you can be at peace with yourself here.

And that's it from my side.

If you got more reasons than these on why this is the ultimate getaway place, let me in on more ideas at my insta: @thekhwabeedadamsel

Keep spreading kindness, buh-bye!