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Raj Ghat

This is one of the most important memorials on the banlks of the Yamuna River flowing in the capital city. not only is it a symbol of the capital city but a national heritage and a place of importance in the political history of India. The main attraction here is the black marble stone block which is placed just over the place where the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was cremated following his assassination in the year 1948. This block is surrounded by a park which is lined with a number of memorable trees with labels such as the ones planted by Queen Elizabeth, ho Chi Minh of china and other such eminent personalities from the whole world. There are two museums dedicated to Gandhiji just nearby.
Georgie Crane
Then it was time to head to Raj Ghat, the gardens now serving as a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, as he was assassinated here on 30th January 1948. Incidentally, what you might not know (as I certainly didn't) is that Gandhi's actual name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - the honorific appellation 'Mahatma', meaning 'high-souled' or 'venerable' was first given to him in South Africa in 1914.Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu zealot at point blank range; it was customary for Indians to pay respect to their elders by kneeling at their feet, and so, under this pretence, Gandhi's killer was able to get so close he couldn't possibly miss. A somewhat cowardly way of going about it, if you ask me - and Gandhi's alleged last words, "Oh God" (which sound to me more like a blurted curse than the profound utterance of a holy man), don't really seem to merit their fame either. Of course, it's natural to wish to glorify the death of someone so influential and so inherently good, but I do think that, given the amount of really poignant statements Gandhi made throughout his lifetime, this was a poor choice of quotation to use as his epitaph.The rest of the memorial was very well done - since the traditional Indian funeral proceeding is to cast the person's ashes into the River Ganges, Gandhi is commemorated by a large black stone surrounded by lush, symmetrical gardens. Visitors can remove their shoes and walk right up to the stone, or ascend a ramp leading to an open veranda lined with colourful flowers, which surrounds the memorial.
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From here we proceed to the Raj Ghat which is the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi. Beautiful flower gardens cover the entire complex. The hot floor there is covered by carpets so that Imagepeople can walk up to the Samadhi to pay their homage to the Mahatma. There are many more beautiful gardens and samadhis in the same complex. However, you can skip them to save time.