Photo of RAJ-a-sthan!! 1/4 by Vaibhav Chikhle
star gazing @thar desert!!
Photo of RAJ-a-sthan!! 2/4 by Vaibhav Chikhle
royal gurudwara @pushkar
Photo of RAJ-a-sthan!! 3/4 by Vaibhav Chikhle
panoramic view of the marusthan(desert)!! @aravali ranges
Photo of RAJ-a-sthan!! 4/4 by Vaibhav Chikhle
a daily ghat scene @pushkar

Rajasthan (raj- royal and sthan- place) or the royal place true indeed!! a common man can find himself as a royal king out here in rajasthan that's because of the rajasthani culture and its Mehman nawazi!!

UDAIPUR(2 days)

Day 1

So there i was on a spree to discover rajasthan and was standing on the pal (boundary) of fatehsagar in udaipur looking at the dipping sun. Udaipur is also known as the "city of lakes" and got many beautiful lakes, the most famous are fatehsagar (FS), lake pichola where stands the royal city palacewhich serves as the shelter for the royal family of mewar and to the Maharana Pratap the greatest warrior of all times. It took me around 3 hours to see city palace to justify its glory. Later in the evening i headed towards the gangaur ghat which is situated at the bank of lake pichola and it is one of the most famous ghat of udaipur, city lights and cold breeze a perfect night to remember. 

Fatehsagar @udaipur

Photo of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Vaibhav Chikhle
Day 2

The very next day i'd a lot of pinned places to see so i started of with the sajjangarh fort (monsoon palace) situated on one of the hill of aravali range and speaks of the glory of the royal family. From there i headed towards the kumbhalgarh fort which is about 80km from udaipur, the most fascinating thing about the fort is it's boundary wall which is about 36km long and is the second longest wall in the world. It is a quiet big fort to measure and hence with the setting sun i bid adieu to the place. Later on that day i visited various small places and sniffed the city fragrance!!

Day 1

AJMER(2 days)

From udaipur i made my way to ajmer (city of khawaja moinuddin chisti). Ajmer is one of the most famous and the oldest city of rajasthan built by ajaymeru chauhan later the throne was passed to prithviraj chahuan (last hindu ruler of india). This place is surrounded by the aravali ranges from all the sides and it encapsulates some marvels between them. 

hazrat khwaja moinuddin chishti Dargah @ajmer

Photo of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India by Vaibhav Chikhle

Khwaja ji was a muslim saint who took his last breath in ajmer and his dargah is erected in the city. It is also called garib nawaz and hence is the most important attraction of the city. Later i moved to ana sagar lake (rajasthan is mostly desert but it will surprise you everytime). It was built by anaji chauhan and on one of the bank mughal emperor shah jahan built the baradari (for his queens) and akbar built a fort in the center of the city known as akbar fort/magzine fort/ajmer fort (now a museum). In the later hour i visited many places to explore the city.

Baradari @ajmer

Photo of RAJ-a-sthan!! by Vaibhav Chikhle

 Tips to explore rajasthan:-

1. Try to understand the local language:- though you find hindi speaking folks out here but the majority of the people speaks marwari language or the mixture of marwari and hindi but in the city area you are the boss as hindi is the common language.

2. Follow the rules:-  obviously with so many ancient buildings and monuments there are heavy sets of rules which you have to follow which is being carved by the tourism department of rajasthan, the set of rules are different for different places and notice boards are erected to make ease of it.

3. Get acquinted to the local (spicy) food:- Rajasthani folks loves spicy food specially daal baati churma (a must try) and it creates a little problem to some of the people who are having the spicy food for the first time.

4. Get grooving:- The culture of rajasthan is very rich so its music and dance . It has got a wide variety of dances and hence makes your feet taps on the beats.

5. watch out for weather!!!:- unlike most of the tourist destinations in India, Rajasthan is bit different in terms of weather as during summers the mercury hits 48 degrees (average) and during extreme winters it takes a dip at about -2 degrees at some places. So before you plan out plan accordingly.

Pushkar is almost 9km from ajmer and i want to attend this pushkar fair so as to explore more about rajasthani culture and art and about the tribes of the place and to improve my photography and blogging skills. Everyone wants to travel pushkar as they have not seen the place or to have a chill time during fair but it's a matter of fact that i want to snatch this opportunity to improve my personal self so that i can move forward in the direction.!!!

camel @pushkar

Photo of RAJ-a-sthan!! by Vaibhav Chikhle

Rajasthan is one such place which will amaze you and make you think twice about what you've heard!! 

"Rajasthan- jaane kya dikh jaye!!"