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French Quarter

Sukruti Gandham
For you fur parents, the French Quarter is pretty pet-friendly and welcoming. Take a stroll with your favorite walking buddy and walk into one of the restaurants or bars with a backyard. The servers at the entrance will invite you if you are the shy type like me.Cajun. Creole. Calories –
Sukruti Gandham
One of the oldest and most popular historic section of New Orleans is the French Quarter. Flushed with bars, restaurants, nightlife, and of course the signature Creole architecture. The neighborhood has preserved the essence of the aristocratic lifestyle that once lived there, with the horse-drawn carriage rides, and the timeless old world charm of psychics and fortunetellers, ghost tours through cemeteries and laid back daily life. Soak in the history and enjoy the bustling of tourists and locals through the narrow streets with the famous to-go cup of Hurricane in one hand and maybe a praline cookie in the other.
The city is divided into the French Quarter and the Tami canal. The French part is lovely to walk through. Filled with colonial villas and houses with balustrades and large wooden doors and windows, it also makes for wonderful photographs.