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Blue Mountains

The most popular stop to reach the Blue Mountains is the Katoomba village which is a 2 hour train ride from Central station. You wouldn't regret staying here for at least nights to enjoy enough of it, however if you are on a tight schedule you can take a day tour from Sydney which most of the tour operators offer. The main attractions of Blue Mountains are the Three Sisters, Scenic Cablecar, and the world's most steepest 'Train Ride' and Leura village. There are public transport buses available which stops at certain designated places and 'Hop on & Hop off' buses which stops at most of the places in Blue Mountains. You can relax on your Day 1 by visiting the Three Sisters, Echo point and Scenic Cable car and get yourself ready to do some serious bush walking on Day 2. There are a lot of bush walking trails available based on the level of difficulty and walking time. Grab a walking trail map at the Blue Mountains information centre and plan your trip accordingly. Be prepared to carry on enough snacks and water since there are no drinking water facilities available along the track into the wild and it could be too tiresome during summer. One of the recommended walks would be the trial to 'Ruined Castle' which is a 5 hour up and down walk with an hour break. Even though you are not rewarded to witness any great cast monument at the end of the walk (do not get carried by the name 'Ruined Castle'), the scenic views along the trial are breath-taking and worthwhile.
Archana Singh
One of the popular Tourist destination that shouldn't be missed.
Lauren Fritsky
Thanks to Brendan’s offer to drive, we got a free tour of Katoomba and the Blue Mountains on Saturday. If you don’t have a car, take the train to Katoomba and get the Explorer Bus, which lets you hop on and off — with return train fare, it’s only $45 AUD. After viewing the Three Sisters (the Echo Point) and Wentworth Falls, we had lunch and headed back to Sydney to rest up before a night out in the Rocks at the Argyle, which culminated in dancing to old school 80s and 90s music at the Orient. Tequila may or may not have been involved.
Jenny McIver
Took a drive from Sydney out to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters.