Uttakleiv Beach 1/undefined by Tripoto

Uttakleiv Beach

Ishita Desai
The owner at the Henningsvaer hotel had suggested us to make a detour at Uttakleiv Beach. The road going towards the beach looked deserted as if we were the only ones heading for it. The turquoise blue waters of white-sand beach surrounded by mountains took our breath away, for we had never seen a beach like this before. As we neared the beach we spotted numerous caravans parked there and few souls strolling on the beach. It turned out to be Haukland Beach. But we were sent for Uttakleiv. What more could be more arresting than this? From Haukland Beach, a tunnel takes you to Uttakleiv Beach or one can also take a short hike from there to reach Uttakleiv. In the camping area people had pitched tents; others barbecued in the open, while the kids played on the beach. Uttakleiv Beach and Haukland Beach were like a little known treasure, best-kept secret of Lofoten Islands.