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At 6 am the shuttle bus took us from our hotel. The trip to Lanquin took us the whole day (10 hours), we arrived shortly before the sunset.DAY 9: LANQUIN, SEMUC CHAMPEY, LANQUINLast evening we bought a trip Lanquin. This morning we boarded a shuttle bus (or rather a shuttle truck) and headed to Lanquin (1 hour).Lanquin isn’t a place to be missed when in Guatemala. Check out our photos to see why. We hiked to the viewpoints, we swam in the turquoise limestone pools and we explored Grutas de Lanquin (the caves).DAY 10: LANQUIN, RIO DULCE
Marta Chan
So beautiful! You can stay in El Retiro, it's a Eco-Tourism hostel with Cabanas made of wood and you have a river inside where you can try tubbing and swim, it's great fun! This is also the village you can stay if you want to visti Semuc champey... well you have no option actually because this place is AMAZING . You also have the option of just staying/camping close to Semuc champey, instead of staying in Lanquin.