After early breakfast we got picked up from our hotel by a shuttle bus to Monterrico (3,5 hours).Monterrico supposedly serves as a weekend beach resort for residents of Guatemala City. We arrived there in the middle of the week and found it a quiet and extremely pleasant village situated on the Pacific coast. We spotted very few other tourists on the wide volcanic beach near our hotel. Plus we were lucky to stay near the “tortugario” (a place where sea turtles hatch) and witness some tiny little turtles being released to the sea.DAY 5: MONTERRICO, ANTIGUAThe previous day we arranged a boat trip with a local guide, Estuardo. He picked us up at 5:30 am from our hotel and took us to the riverside from where we took a boat. We watched a sunrise over protected area of Monterrico mangroves. We spotted countless species of birds and can highly recommend the trip. Just remember to get a paddled boat, as a sound of a motor might scare off the animals. The whole trip takes about 3 hours. At 6 pm we took a shuttle bus to Antigua.DAY 6: ANTIGUA, ESCUINTLA, SANTA LUCIA, LA DEMOCRACIA, ANTIGUA