Flåm 1/undefined by Tripoto


Flam is a small village in southwestern Norway and is known for its fjords. We gorged on some crumble pie, pistachio cookies, and a hot coffee in Flam bakery while we waited for our Fjord Cruise. As we journeyed through the cruise, the reflection of the mountains in the mirror-calm water was inexplicable. After 2 hrs of what felt like a psychedelic experience, we left for our final destination, Bergen.
Devanshi Rungta
This photograph captures a journey I’ll never forget in my life – sailing amidst the fjords of Norway, surrounded by its astounding beauty; one can’t help but marvel at the immensity of nature.
Naman Kumar
Flam line is 12.6 mile long railway between Mydral and Flam in Norway. The gradient of the rail line is very steep (elevation difference is 863 meters) and the views are just amazing. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Norway because of awesome views, waterfalls, mountains and small houses.
Nikita Bharadia