Henningsvær 1/undefined by Tripoto


Ishita Desai
The stormy arctic winds grew harder as we drove along the shore side towards the well-known town of Henningsvaer. The sea waves bashed against the rugged coastline as our car passed over the bridge and the rain had started to slap against the windscreen. On the other side, the mountains were cloaked mysteriously in the clouds as we could only make a guess about its enormity. The stark beauty uncomforted us. This was something we didn’t expect and it was completely different from what I saw in the pictures. Everything on the first day seemed overwhelming.After checking in the hotel, we roamed in Henningsvaer. We had our Indian snacks and retired to beds.It was eight in the morning next day; the clouds had cleared a bit so as to only give us a hint that there stood a mountain right outside our room window. We could see sun in the weather forecast and that cheered us up. We left Henningsvaer in the afternoon as there was going to be sun only after two. The day looked promising and we knew we had to make the most of it.As the day was clearer we came across more cars on the road than the day before. A-frame wooden racks for drying fish were a characteristic feature of the villages in Lofoten and I couldn’t resist posing in front of one of them. Fishing is the Lofoten’s largest industry along with tourism.