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Dunns River Falls & Park

Was spent at a little gem of a place down the street and up the hill from Duns River Falls called Blue Hole . It was amazing and I almost died there. So we traveled down the road to blue hole and got lost and found our way and got lost again. Eventually we made it there to this rocky dirt road you walk up. And then downward on a slippery brick stairway that looked like it was being reclaimed by mother nature with tree vines and fawn growing every where. It was a little piece of heaven, so beautiful as if untouched by man. With crystal blue cool waters splashing on the rocks green with algae below. I marveled at the amazing sight. We got a tour guide to show us around and that is when our adventure began. I savored every minute of seeing this once in a life time spectacle. Walking over the rocks and wooden planks was a joy but we had to be careful because the algae was so slippery you were liable to fall into the river. Me being the accident prone individual I am, took extra caution and wore slippers I borrowed. I would bring a bathing suit a water proof camera and water shoes if your interested in going. And so we went off on a adventure of a life time. We climbed up our first set of steps warn in to the side of a small water fall. When we reached tothe top we looked back and the view was breath taking.