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Mahogany Beach

Kristi Keller
If you’re staying right in town Mahogany beach is much more of a hike than the public beach but definitely worth it. You could walk from the clock tower in about 15 minutes, or catch a taxi at the clock tower for about $100 JMD….just over $1 USD. The taxi will drop you on the roadside and you’ll have to walk down a bit of a road to get to the beach. There’s a boat dock at this beach and you’re free to walk out to the end of it anytime and jump in for a swim if you want. There were a couple yachts parked here when I came and the view out onto the water is spectacular! Especially on a sunny day! My friend took a dip. A major plus to this beach is that its full of locals…I’m not a big fan of beaches packed with tourists. I love to watch the local kids play in the water, and Jamaican families taking some time out to enjoy.