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We hiked with pumping hearts and some small wounds & cutsThe view from the top, made us all hop...hop with happiness and our soul was in a complete messConfused with the sight of the unknown world and the beauty it has unfurledThe lucid blue tarnThe bright overhead sunThe shining craggy peaksThe tall towering teaksThe gorgeous green valleys and the unknown hilly alleysShamble all the travelling gears & pack.. To take me backTo the world of mountains & fantasies where I can find my inner peaceWhen I tried to tame the Trolltunga trance, my soul cried... can’t we take another chance??
Naman Kumar
I am sure everyone knows about this place all thanks to Facebook and Instagram. It is Trolltunga in Odda, Norway. It was a very long hike (11 kms one side) and it was not a very tough hike except first couple of kilometers which were really steep. I was lucky enough to get the perfect weather on the day I decided to hike to the rock. The hike was amazing with great views of lakes, mountains, waterfalls, rocks, etc. .Finally, after getting to the rock, I had to wait for 30 minutes in the queue to go to the rock for a picture. It was a day I will never forget.
Sonali Saxena
Trolltunga is the spot for any lover of dramatic Facebook display pictures. Its also a great hike, though not for the faint hearted. But at the end of it, when your picture at Trolltunga gets more likes than any picture ever has, the hike just seems worth it.