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Marina Cay

Andrew Buys
Day One. Leaving the Fort Lauderdale Airport at about 8:00 am, Gaile and I landed at Beef Island Airport in Tortola, British Virgin Islands right at 12 noon, and eager to see both Caribbean power yachts. We knew that everyone was already on board their respective yachts at the Village Cay Marina dock. I had told the captain not to send any of his crew to meet us, because we actually lived there for 5 years doing yacht charters ourselves, getting to Village Cay Marina was easy for us to do. Gaile and I landed at the airport on time and walked to stand in the line at customs. I expected to know the customs lady, but 12 years had passed since I lived there, and new faces smiled at us. Getting through customs was easy; we did not wait long for our bags. We walked outside to look for a taxi and walked into Captain Phillip beaming with pride at coming to personally meet Gaile and me at the airport. “Hey, Phillip, how are you my good man? You know you did not have to do this.” “Yes, Andrew, but it is my pleasure to do this for both of you. Everyone is waiting for us to enjoy our first meal together. Blimey, mate; the entire party are very nice people.” Many captains who do power yacht charters are from Australia, and Phillip is a damn good one. The normal taxi trip went well from the airport to Village Cay Marina. Phillip told me the plan was to have a short lunch meal and then set cruise for Marina Cay. Wow, Marina Cay is my all-time favorite Caribbean Island. Yahoo! a luxurious power yacht for rent just for us; the excitement was really building now. As we got out of the taxi, the first mate arrived to pick up our bags, even our hand-held bag. “You are now with us, Andrew, so relax and enjoy the fresh Caribbean air.” We turned the corner, and I could see our friends waiting for us with huge smiles on their faces. With smiles all around and hugs and handshakes galore, we were all ready for our first Caribbean crewed yacht charter meal that was prepared