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Antelope Canyon

Karthik Gadela
This place is situated amidst many other national parks in Arizona state and makes up a perfect 3-4day getaway from California. While visiting this, you can make plans to cover the nearby grand canyon, bryce canyon, Brian national parks. There are few other spots en-route like sedona national park, horse shoe bend which can make up the plans for the rest of your day. 
Roopal Patel
Later we reached Upper Antelope Canyon. It’s an incredible place where water and time have eroded the rock and turned it into a slot canyon. The result is an incredible formation of smooth, flowing rock.
Shakti Chauhan
Antelope Canyon, ArizonaLocated near Page, Arizona, this brilliant slot canyon is split into two different sections, commonly referred to as “The Crack” and “The Corkscrew.” Picture Perfect Place.
Shakti Chauhan
About the PlaceAntelope Canyon is located in east of Page, Arizona. It is separated in two section, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. The canyon formed by erosion of sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding. Rainwater runs into the narrow passageway and with the passage of time created wave like shapes on the rocks. Antelope Canyon is very popular place for photographers.Only guided tours are allowed inside Canyon. There are two option for this tour, General and Photographer Tour. General Tour is approximately of 1.5 hours duration and it cost around $25. No tripods allowed in general tour. Photographer's tour is of around 2 hrs & 15 mins in duration and it cost around $47. There is also a permit fee of $8 for Navajo Park.Best time of the day to visit this place is before noon, Light fall perfectly when sun is at top and you can have a better view inside the canyon.Things to carry with you: Bottled Water, Hat, Sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes.You can stay in place called Page to visit Antelope Canyon. Page is around 2.5 hours from FlagStaff.
Antelope canyons are one of the most beautiful, naturally formed canyons. Unlike other canyons in the diverse landscape of US that are huge and vast, the Antelope canyons or slot canyons, are small, narrow but deep passageways of spiral rocks.The slot canyons were formed by the erosion of sandstone, mostly due to flash floods.The hues and patterns of formation makes it an excellent subject for photography.There are two slot canyons in this area, upper and lower canyons, of which the lower one is below the ground level and a makeshift ladder is installed to climb down.A little over 4 hours drive from Las Vegas, the Antelope canyons in Page (Arizona) are easily accessible by road.However entry to the canyons is restricted, one must take a local authorized guide.Few hours spent in these corridors that display nature's work of art in the form of exquisite patterns and subtle yet pleasing colors are to be remembered. The experience was made magical by local native American playing melodious tunes on his flute down in the canyon.