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Chalal is a casual trek of an hour from Kasol, after crossing the bridge the trek starts for Chalal.Lazy, Laid back, Peaceful and quiet!!Kasol - Chala Bridge do take your pics there.
Saqib Mohammed
Chalal is situated on the other side of the River Parvati(from Kasol). A rope bridge connects the 2 banks of the Parvati river. Chalal is a 30 minute walk from Kasol.
Nazia Khan
Take a walk from Kasol to Chalal in conifer dense forest with fiercely flowing river Parvati on the side, little villages tucked deep in the forest and picture perfect scenic beauty. It takes not more than 02 hours to reach Chalal of course with taking a break sitting riverside peacefully in trance. Walking on the narrow path inside the forest finally you see a beautiful small village with good cafés. At the end of the village down towards the river there lies Café 9 a must visit place. You can sit outside admiring the beauty of pine forest and river flowing sipping beer or rolling up *your choice*. Chalal is known as Trance and Psychedelic party village and attracts a lot of foreigners and Indian youth for it.