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Lahore..., and taking in the atmosphere, Lahore's beauty crept... in Lahore -- and while it may...

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from #Lahore to #kashmir... a six-day  ride from Lahore... journey from Lahore on June 14, 2015...

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Top Places To Visit 10 Spots

McLeod Ganj Market

Little Lhasa’ as it is often referred to as, McLeodganj Market is a place that is heavily influenced by Buddhist tradition and is home to a number of temples, monasteries and some very beautiful landmarks as well. The place gets its name from David Mcleod and serves as the residence of the Dalai Lama when he visits the country. One is told that visiting Dharamshala is incomplete without one coming to McLeodganj. Beautiful sights make tourists come here in large numbers. The Tibetan learning centre here is a great attraction here.
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Lahore Fort

Having seen only a part of the walled city the previous day, we head out to old Lahore again the next morning. We thanked the weather gods for it being a cloudy day, because the Lahore Fort, down the road from the Badshahi Mosque, is a sprawling complex that has so many interesting landmarks that walk one through what it must have meant to be a king back in the day. We kept wondering about how the Emperor would have ruled from his throne here, how he would have addressed the masses in the Diwaan-e-aam, what kind of wonderful conversations would have happened among his chosen 'gems' in the Diwaan-e-khaas, what would be going through his head while he strolled the royal gardens, what conspiracies of creation and destruction would have been hatched within these walls. Just imagining the power wielded by the Mughals while occupying this space was a rush to the head, and we both took it in quietly.
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About Lahore

Lahore is the intellectual and cultural capital of Pakistan and a journey to this bustling city will remain with you for a long time. From Lahore Fort to the Khizri or the Sheranwala Gate, there is so much to see and do here and it isn't just another run-of-the-mill city in a country. History, architecture, art and music envelop the city and everywhere you go, there is a story to unravel. You will also have an opportunity to experience exhilarating Qawaali sessions and a tryst with Sufism. Do spend time at one of the city's many rejuvenating gardens and a day exploring the many historical sites that the city is home to. If you happen to be here on a Thursday, a visit to Wagah border is unmissable. The intensity of the profound ceremony is so deep that it'll demand another visit from you! There is lots for shopaholics here as well, including Anarkali bazaar and the Pace and Fortress Stadium Market. If you have a little space in your itinerary, you can also squeeze in a visit to the largest museum in Pakistan, the Lahore Museum. With a collection of rare art, objects and paintings including the Fasting Buddha of Gandhara. There is plenty to choose from if you are looking for a decent place to stay including luxury hotels and budget accommodations.

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Best time to visit Lahore is from November to March


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