Goa Museum

Aswathy Nair
It was around 5.00 pm...Then we went to BigFoot Goa Museum-Place of Goan History..Note that here in Big Foot Goa, tickets will close at 5.30 pm..So be there before 5.30pm..Ticket cost : Rs 50 per person.This is the best place to go if you wish to know about the people and culture of Goa in the olden days. The Museum and the house really depict how people lived and wat they did for a living. It teaches or explains us history of Goa and its treasures through an audio narration and many statutes depicting a typical village set up.. It shows us how the Goan culture started and its various states of transformation. In this model village one can also see different miniature houses that showcase traditional occupation and social classes such as fishermen, Goan artisans, a music school known as Escola da Musica, farmers, liquors shops, the village market, and a feni distillery. Also, you can find the Legend Of Big Foot-where Wishes come True..Post the discovery of a foot print on a rock, visitors come here and pray for blessings..Also one can purchase souvenirs on the way out from the handicraft centre. I found the Magic lamp very interesting. I got one and I am happy about it.