Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise!

11th Mar 2016
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! by Aswathy Nair
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 1/32 by Aswathy Nair
Morning Breakfast- Yummyy Idly Sambar Chutney
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 2/32 by Aswathy Nair
Our Stay- Mary Joey Villa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 3/32 by Aswathy Nair
Mary Joey Villa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 4/32 by Aswathy Nair
Mary Joey Villa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 5/32 by Aswathy Nair
Water Sports Counter
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 6/32 by Aswathy Nair
The Ultimate Water Bike
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 7/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bumper Ride
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 8/32 by Aswathy Nair
Banana Ride- The most Thrilling Water Sport
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 9/32 by Aswathy Nair
Parasailing - Hurrayy...Im Flyinggg..
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 10/32 by Aswathy Nair
Parasailing - Dipping in Water..
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 11/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bom Jesus Church
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 12/32 by Aswathy Nair
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 13/32 by Aswathy Nair
Lunch from Ratna Sagar Hotel
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 14/32 by Aswathy Nair
Yummy Vegetable Pulav with Refreshing Butter Milk
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 15/32 by Aswathy Nair
Coco Breach Specials.!
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 16/32 by Aswathy Nair
Sight Seeing @ Coco Beach
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 17/32 by Aswathy Nair
Vijay mallya's boat Ashena
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 18/32 by Aswathy Nair
Central Jail
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 19/32 by Aswathy Nair
Millionare Palace
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 20/32 by Aswathy Nair
The Beauty of Sea
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 21/32 by Aswathy Nair
Mangueshi Temple
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 22/32 by Aswathy Nair
Mangueshi Temple
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 23/32 by Aswathy Nair
Shantha Durga Temple
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 24/32 by Aswathy Nair
Shantha Durga Temple Canteen
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 25/32 by Aswathy Nair
Shantha Durga Temple Canteen Yummy Food
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 26/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bigfoot Goa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 27/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bigfoot Goa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 28/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bigfoot Goa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 29/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bigfoot Goa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 30/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bigfoot Goa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 31/32 by Aswathy Nair
Bigfoot Goa
Photo of Goa: Land of Sun, Sand & Paradise! 32/32 by Aswathy Nair
Colva Beach

Travel is actually magical....it's all about friendship and souls connecting....It's not a race to see or do more....It's about learning to live life, understand humanity and having a rocking time while doing it...

Bored by the routine days with zero fun and excitement, we started searching for something exciting..Then we came across the idea of Trip to Goa..

Main constraint infront of us was about how to execute this. We cant take leave from office for this..and all we have is one weekend 48 hours.

So we planned to go for a girls only trip..We asked many of our friends but all of them was damn afraid..We came across various funny responses from them like - 'Oh girl..Girls Only Trip to Goa, Are you mad', 'Yaar..I want to come, but my parents wont agree', 'Oh Goa is not a good place to go with girls, you need to take your parents along with you for your security', 'Ohh I dont have enough money with me' etc..Funny na..But these responses didnt make us down..instead these triggered us more to take risks...

Finally 4 of us convinced our parents(special thanks to our parents, without their permission, we couldnt fulfill this dream) and planned everything....It was soo exciting..We booked our train tickets: Netravathi Express: Sleeper class from Kochi to Madagaon(Rs.415)and Madagaon to Kochi(3 tier AC for Rs. 1175).

Next task was booking the hotel..We all researched alot for cheap and safe place..and then we came accross one hotel- Mary Joe Villa in Goibibo site.

Its reviews were pretty awesome and finally we got the room for Rs.650. We all got goosebumps once we booked all the tickets and hotel. Then the count down began. Its said that Once a travel bug bite, there is no way for cure na :)

The four of us started our journey on one fine friday afternoon 2 pm..Yo..Thanks to Indian Railways..The train came at the right time...We step into the train and got settled on our seats..Trust me..you will feel hungry once you travel..So fill your backpack with some bread/butter/jam, biscuits, cookies, chips, juice and 4-5 bottles of water.

With the refreshing Westlife and Enrique songs, chit chatting, fun and laughter, never ending selfies and all..That journey was awesome..Since our journey was during night time we couldnt see the beautiful konkan railway.

Finally we reached Madagaon station on saturday morning 5.45 am. We stepped out of the train and we were like 'vooooo' :D Felt soo damn proud of ourselves.

In the Station itself, we saw one board with the lines : 'Welcome to Goa, the land of sun, sand and paradise'. .

Be it the beaches or sumptuous food, Goa has plenty to offer for every age group! Discover the charm of Goa with family and friends, and live the perfect holiday..

There is something in the air in Goa that speaks of holidays...of relaxation and of letting down your hair. The golden beaches of north Goa, the white sands of South Goa...the colourful sun umbrellas...the white bodies that lie here desperately seeking to tan themselves under the Indian sun etc.

Goa has the unique distinction of being able to be enjoyed, no matter who you are or where you are from..Its a party city...

Once you are in Goa , there is a feeling of freedom...the freedom to rediscover the lost you in the timelessness of waiting and watching the setting sun, while waiting for a spicy Paneer Dish...There is the freedom of walking barefeet on the sands, of leaving the world and its cares behind...

We hired an auto from the madagaon station and reached madagaon bustand..From there we hired bus to Panjim(Around 33kms)...Dat was pretty amazing travel via bus..We didnt felt any difference between goa and kerala..

Goa and Kerala are similar in many ways...We felt like we are travelling in some place in Kerala itself..We stepped down at Panjim nd get inside the bus to Calangute..Its around 10 kms. We get down at calangute and from there we walked to our hotel-Mary Joey Villa. That walk was sooo amazing..Walking through the streetside with GPS on and looking at the map Mary Joey Villa..observing the goan architecture, observing the people...We felt sooo good...On the way, we had breakfast from one small restaurant...

After 1 km walk through the goan soil, we reached our stay..It looks like a small hut from outside..We collected the keys and went to our room..It was such a cute and homely house..We felt we are at home itself..After a short nap, we walked towards the Baga Beach.

On the way to the beach, our eyes got stuck at one of the tatoo shops there..and the board imprinted 'temporary tatoos'..We went there and did one temporary tatoo of a horse :P

Again from there we walk towards the baga beach...

There are plenty of water sports operators in Baga Beach and you can identify them by the herd of water scooters and boats parked in one corner of the beach...Many people will approach you with many water sport package..Choose wisely..Finally we took it as a package worth Rs.1500 which includes the Water Bike, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride and Parasailing...First we rode the Water Bike..It was damn thrilling..The instructor will ride the bike acrooss the waves with heavy speed...You need to jump when a high tide comes..Next was the bumper ride...We need to sit in a tyre like structure and we will be driven towards the deep sea and they will rotate us with high speed...Next was the Banana Ride.. All the other rides were twin sharing..wereas in this ride, four of us were together...here this banana like structure will be driven towards the deep sea and they will tell us to jump in the sea...Man..Once you jump, you will get confused whether this is scuba diving or not..I could see the under water and the depth of sea and somehow after couple of minutes, we were taken back to the banana structure. Next was the Parasailing...They will take us to the deep sea via a small boat...and from there we shifted to another boat where parachute and rope were present..Instructor inside the boat told we need to pay 600Rs extra if we want to dip in water while doing Parasailing..Seeing a couple of people doing the same, we also said okay for dipping..Finally it was my turn to do Parasailing...Though I had little fear of doing this initillay, once I reached heights, it was sooo damn thrilling...Parasailing keeps your heart racing as you test the waters and let out the adventurer in you...Perfect Ride for adventureous People..I felt like a brid..with wings...They made me dipped in sea..Feels like I was on a swing...Then I went upwards and the perfect point is when you reach the top position..I felt sooooo good...Calm and quiet sea...With Blue sky above...Dark Sea below me....Multicoloured Parachute...Winds blowing...My mind filled with happiness....Finally they took me back towards the boat :( My mind cried I wanto fly moree and experience the feeling..

It was around 3 00 pm afternoon..So we walked towards a restaurant and had Roti and spicy Paneer Curry...Finally we went back to our Hotel..We talked about the excitement we had while doing Parasailing..After getting fresh and all, we simply walked a lot and did some shopping and had dinner and slept peacefully with fulfillment.

Next day(Sunday), we had arranged one taxi for sight seeing...So after having breakfast, we first went to Aguada Fort. Remember to take your hats, sunglasses, shawls and wear sunscreen once you go there..Its damn hot there.

Regarding the Aguada fort, it was constructed in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas. It was a reference point for the vessels coming from Europe at that time. This old Portuguese fort stands on the beach south of Candolim, at the shore of the Mandovi River. It was initially tasked with defense of shipping and the nearby Bardez sub district. The sea view form the fort is worthy. Dil Chahta Hai movie is shot in this Fort.

After clicking many selfies and pics, we went to wards the next destination- Coco Beach, which is famous for Dolphin Ride..You need to pay Rs.300 for the ride...Dolphin watching tours are a popular activity in various parts of the Mandovi River and are especially popular at Sinquerim beach alongside Fort Aguada. Operators gather tourists in groups of 4 or 6, who hop on to a boat and venture out about a couple of kilometres into the sea..

On the way , we can see a Diamond Merchant Bungalow..An underground Jail...Light House etc...After couple of minutes, we could see two dolphins Jumping and playing in water. After couple of minutes, we return back. In Coco beach also, you could see multiple shops with many necklaces, hats, tshirts etc.

Next we went to Basilica of Bom Jesus Church and Se Cathedral Church.

The Bom Jesus Basilica, perhaps Goa's most famous church and among the most revered by Christians worldwide, is partially in ruins but still a model of simplicity and elegance, and a fine example of Jesuit architecture.This is the only church in Old Goa, which is not plastered on the outside, the lime plaster having been stripped off by a zealous Portuguese conservationist in 1950. Located at Old Goa, 10 kilometres east of Panaji, the Bom Jesus Basilica is a World Heritage Monument. Also there's a modern art gallery attached to the Basilica.

The Se Catedral de Santa Catarina, known as Se Cathedral, is the cathedral of the Latin Rite Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Goa and Daman and the seat of the Patriarch of the East Indies. It is located in Old Goa. Se Cathedral is the largest church in Asia and is known for its giant bells and exquisite architecture. With a classical Iberian façade, the impressive Se Cathedral symbolized Portugal’s commitment to the Catholic Church as well as its overwhelming supremacy.

Next we went to Mangueshi Temple. This is a beautiful temple dedicated to lord Shiva. Very nice ambiance which brings spiritual feelings within you. Regular religious rituals are conducted here..

After praying for a while, we went outside and did a pratakshina and went to the nearby shops...Bought some keychains emprinted with 'Welcome to Goa' etc..Then we went to Shantha Durga Temple..

Shantadurga Temple is a Divine and tranquil place to be in Goa. I always thought Goa is all about party people but little did i knew that there are many spiritual places of historic importance. Shantadurga temple is very Beautifully built and architecture is very unique as compared to other temples in India. This temple is probably the only temple in India where you can see the goddess smiling & resting on her bed. It is a beautiful temple built in the Konkan style with it's signature lamp tower and long hall. A beautiful place that must be visited at least once when in Goa.

After visiting this temple, we felt soo hungry and somewhere we saw one board -Shantha Durga Canteen' inside the temple area itself..Its situated below the ground level..Its soo cool inside..We bought Masala Dosa for dinner. Food is very cheap in their canteen...Its Jain Food..No onion No garlic..I dont know how they maintain the taste without using garlic and onion...Trust me..It was soooo tasty and the Rs. 5 Tea from the canteen will make you energetic..No wonder we ordered Dal Vadas,Batata Wada, Masala Dosa, 4 coffe, 4 tea..All the people in the canteen were looking at us.. LOL...

It was around 5.00 pm...Then we went to BigFoot Goa Museum-Place of Goan History..Note that here in Big Foot Goa, tickets will close at 5.30 pm..So be there before 5.30pm..Ticket cost : Rs 50 per person.

This is the best place to go if you wish to know about the people and culture of Goa in the olden days. The Museum and the house really depict how people lived and wat they did for a living. It teaches or explains us history of Goa and its treasures through an audio narration and many statutes depicting a typical village set up.. It shows us how the Goan culture started and its various states of transformation. In this model village one can also see different miniature houses that showcase traditional occupation and social classes such as fishermen, Goan artisans, a music school known as Escola da Musica, farmers, liquors shops, the village market, and a feni distillery. Also, you can find the Legend Of Big Foot-where Wishes come True..Post the discovery of a foot print on a rock, visitors come here and pray for blessings..Also one can purchase souvenirs on the way out from the handicraft centre. I found the Magic lamp very interesting. I got one and I am happy about it.

Wow..Then we went to the final destination Colva Beach..

The Colva Beach lies about 6 Kms to the west of Margao and is the oldest, largest and the most spectacular beaches of South Goa.

The beach consists of about 25kms of the fine powdered white sand and is bounded along its coast by coconut palms that stretch from Bogmalo in the north to Cabo de Rama in the south along south Goa's coastline.Its a standard, gorgeous South Goa beach. Sandy beach, life-guard is on duty, there are dangerous rip-tides to watch out for, good clean warm waters, spectacular sunsets, Working fishermen and their boats on the north end of the beach...Plenty of shops around...

We reached Colva beach at around 6.00pm..Luckily we could see sun hiding in the ocean..Just like our mind where within couple of hours we gona say goodbye to this lively Goa..We walked a little along the sea side..Our heart was weeping inside..Oh yaar...we are going back from this place..from this city where party never ends...Back to our schedules..Tensions and Stress...We bought some sweets for our friends and family...The shopkeeper told 'Bebinca' is the most famous sweet in Goa..and we all bought 3-4 packets...

Finally We reached Madagaon station and waved goodbye to Madagaon and entered the train...After having dinner, we all slept and once we wake up in the morning, we reached Kerala..

Once we returned back to our office, many people got inspired by our trip and they all were excited once we told the stories to them..We got many feedbacks from our friends like we really motivate them and proved that 'Nothing is Impossible if we have passion to the thing we do'..

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader..


Finally, Goa is a flood of memories, of thrills and of images.

Even after returning from Goa, I can still taste the salt on my lips... feel the sand between my toes...smell the Goan spices...hear the waves as they crash....see the footprints left behind and know the joy of living....The whisper of the wind...waves that froth as they collapse at your feet...nights under the stars......seashells that carry the sound of the ocean...the glorious colours of light as the sun sets into the sea...the warmth of waters that envelop you...horizons that stretch forever...

Come to Goa...and get in touch with yourself again...Feel Lively....

In the end..it's not the years in your life that count, Its the life in your years.!

Follow Your Dreams...Be Happy..Do Good and Stay Healthy...

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