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Agasthiyar Falls

Akul Bajaj
We managed to dodge the local police and still entered the falls area. The falls were flowing at the highest of speeds and the volume of water was just beyond amazing. There was however one area where there were two police guards and they were just running away from that area. This was a staircase which was barely visible due to the overflowing water which covered it totally. It almost looked like a downward stream of water. On realizing that there was a way to the top, we started to walk on that staircase and very carefully tried to make our way through the stream of water coming down. After covering about 50 stairs the water volume decreased and so did the storm. The wild rains had stopped and it turned to a normal drizzle. This is when we stopped for a while and gazed around to find that we were in the middle of jungle climbing a staircase leading to god knows where.
 Katie Nathan
We could see peacocks, birds, mangoose, varieties of monkeys in their natural habitat as we proceeded towards Agasthiar Falls. Agasthiar falls did not disappoint us and it was flowing full to our excitement. There was a temple on the top of the hill dedicated to Agatheeswarar and we could see steps leading to it. We had our mind to go for it but people who came down said it is quite a climb and we may not be able to make it up within time.