Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


The beloved south state of Tamil Nadu in India is home to some 25 odd hill stations, much to tourists' disbelief, given the temperate weather of this region. All these places have their own unique identity and offer travelers respite from the sweltering heat in the capital city of Chennai.

Listing down in alphabetical order the majestic hill stations of Tamil Nadu :

1. Anaimalai (partially shared with Coimbatore & Palakad, Kerala)

It is named after the Anaimudi Hills surrounding it. It is also a 'pit- stop' for pilgrims going to Sabrimala Temple in Kerala as it harbours the presence of the Goddess Masani Amman.

Photo of Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

2. Coonoor (Nilgiris)

Known for the production of Nilgiri Tea, Coonoor is located at an altitude of 1,850 m above sea- level and is the 2nd highest hill- station in the Nilgiris.

Photo of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

3. Javadi Hills (Tiruvannamalai)

An extension of Eastern Ghats, this range separates Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts. The Beemanmadavu Waterfalls and the Kavalur Observatory are major attractions here besides the 'bluish gray granite peaks' of course.

Photo of Javadi Hills, Bheemakulam, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

4. Kalrayan Hills (Villupuram)

This range serves as a boundary between the Salem and Villupuram districts. The Kalrayans are divided into 2 sections — the northern section, referred to as the Chinna ("little") Kalrayans, and the southern section, called the Periya ("big") Kalrayans.

Photo of Kalrayan Hills, Thirthagira R.F., Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

5. Ketti Valley (Nilgiris)

It is the revenue village of Coonoor Taluk. Upper Ketti is another village called Yellanahalli, which is located on the main Coonoor to Ooty road.

Photo of Ketti Valley, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

6. Kodaikanal (Dindigul)

Its name in the Tamil language means "The Gift of the Forest". Kodaikanal is referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations" and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. Much of the local economy is based on the hospitality industry serving tourism.

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

7. Kolli Hills (Namakkal)

The mountain is named Kolli Malai after the name of Goddess Ettukkai Amman (KolliPaavai). The hills are featured in several works of classical Tamil literature. It is also believed that Chanakya, the author of Arthashastra, was born in this area before he migrated to North India to pursue education at Takshashila.

Photo of Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

8. Kolukkumalai (Theni)

Kolukkumalai is about 7,130 feet (2,170 m) above sea level and lies some 32 kilometres (20 mi) from Munnar. It is home to the highest tea plantations in the world with the tea grown here possessing a special flavour and freshness because of the high altitude.

Photo of Kolukkumalai Estate Road, Idukki, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

9. Kotagiri (Nilgiris)

Kotagiri is a panchayat town in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu and is situated at an elevation of around 1793 m above sea- level.

Photo of Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

10. Kurangani (Theni)

It is a hill station atop the Western Ghats and has estates growing coconut, mangoes, spices, and coffee. There is a mountain rivulet that passes between Kurangani mountains in the east and Kolukkumalai in the west.

Photo of Kurangani, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

11. Manjolai (Tirunelveli)

With elevations ranging from 1,020–1,500 metres (3,350–4,920 ft), the Manjolai area is set deep in the Western Ghats. Located on top of the Manimuthar Dam and the Manimuthar waterfalls, the Manjolai area comprises of tea plantations and small settlements around them. There is also Upper Kodaiyar Dam and a windy viewpoint called Kuthiravetti.

Photo of Manjolai, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

12. Meghamalai (Theni)

Popularly called the High Wavy Mountains, it is a cool and misty mountain range situated in the Western Ghats. The place is situated at an elevation of 1,500 m above sea level and is rich in flora and fauna.

Photo of Megamalai, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

13. Ooty (Nilgiris)

Udhagamandalam (also Ootacamund) is abbreviated as Udhagai or Ooty. It is located 80 km north of Coimbatore and is the capital of the Nilgiris district.

Photo of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

14. Pachaimalai Hills (Trichy)

Also known as the Pachais, is low mountain range in the Eastern Ghats. In the Tamil language, Pachai means green. The Veera Ramar Dam is located on the Kallar River in the hills.

Photo of Pachamalai Hills, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

15. Palni Hills (Dindigul)

The Palani Hills are an eastward extension of the Western Ghats range and adjoin the Anamalai range on the west, to extend east into the plains of Tamil Nadu, covering an area of 2,068 square kilometres (798 sq mi). It is also home to one of the shrines of Lord Karthikeyan or Murugan, who is worshipped as the primary God in Tamil Nadu.

Photo of Palni Hills, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

16. Sathuragiri (Virudhunagar)

Sathuragiri Hills or Chathuragiri, otherwise known as ' Sundara Mahalingam ' is situated 10 km from Watrap (Wathirairuppu) near Srivilliputhur. The name Sathuragiri came from Chathur (4) Veda (Vedas) Giri (Hill), i.e. where all the four Vedas met and formed the hill. Another meaning is that the whole mountain is in square (Chathuram) in shape so the name Chathuragiri. This is also called as "Siddargal boomi". 18 Siddhas were said to live here.

Photo of Sathuragiri Hills, Saptur R.F., Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

17. Sirumalai (Dindigul)

Sirumalai is a dense forest region with moderate climate throughout the year. With an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea- level, it contains diversified flora and fauna. The hill has 18 hairpin bends. On the 18th bend is a church and a view point of Dindigul city and the "Dindigul Rock Fort". The hill contains a small waterfall as well.

Photo of Sirumalai, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

18. Thali (Krishnagiri)

Photo of Thally, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

19. Topslip (Coimbatore)

Topslip is located at 2554 feet (774 meter) above sea- level on the Anamalai mountain range. It is about 37 km from Pollachi, the nearest town, and 9 km from the village of Sethumadai.

Photo of Topslip, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

20. Valparai (Coimbatore)

It is located 3,500 feet above sea- level on the Anaimalai Hills range of the Western Ghats, at a distance of 100 km from Coimbatore and 65 km from Pollachi. There are 40 hairpin bends on the way up to Valparai from Azhiyar.

Photo of Valparai, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

21. Yelagiri (Vellore)

Situated off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road and located at an altitude of 1,110.6 meters above Mean Sea- Level, the Yelagiri village (also spelled as Elagiri ) is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys.

Photo of Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

22. Yeracud (Salem)

It is located in the Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats. The highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, at 5,326 feet (1,623 m). It is so named owing to the abundance of trees near a lake, the name signifying Lake Forest. As a popular tourist destination, Yercaud is also called as Jewel of South.

Photo of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India by Saurav Mishra

Written by - Kritvi Paliwal

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