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Chele La

Today's journey was the most crucial since we had decided to skip the Tiger Nest trek (my parents can't do the hike) and go for Chele La Pass instead which is the highest motorable pass in Bhutan. Everybody had asked us to go for Tiger Nest trek cause it's almost futile to visit Bhutan and not visit the Tiger Nest. We took a chance and in reaching Chelela Pass, we realized it was chance worth taking. My mom is afraid of heights and it was a tough task convincing her for this one. But the view there just cleared everything out. It is super windy there and it snows during winters. You can see snow capped mountains right in front of your eyes and that is beautiful.On our way back, we stopped by the airport view point and also visited the Paro Dzong and museum. The Dzong lights up during night to the most magnificent views. After the day's errand and tons of photography, we headed back to our hotel.
Darshana Vinodiya
Chele-La Pass:
5. The Chelela Pass, located at 13000 ft above sea level is the highest motorable point in Bhutan. The road from Paro to the Chelela Pass is beautiful - lined with trees, and springs. It evens offers a view of Mt. Jhomolhari on a clear day.
Chaitali Chatterjee
After a good night sleep and an awesome breakfast , we headed towards Chele la Pass.This is the highest motorable point in Bhutan, sitting at 3988 mts. On a clear day, you can view Mt. Jumolhari(Bhutan's most sacred peak at over 22,000 ft) along with Jichu Drake and adjoining peaks to the North West, as well as the view of both the valley (Paro and Haa).It has numerous flags that adds up to the color.
Aditya Sharma
Day 7 – Visit to Chele La Pass. It is the highest motorable road in Bhutan at a height of around 12000 feet above sea level. You won’t feel it like a tourist place as it is not developed and I won’t recommend you this place if you are running short of time. The roads are also not in a good condition. If you are a nature lover, you can go pay a visit.