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Drukgyel Dzong

Trisha Amalnerkar
The monastery consists of around six temples which each worship different forms of Buddha. The best part was the butter lamp room. The monastery has in the past caught fire twice due to butter lamps left unattended,which is when they decided to build a separate butter lamp room for all the lamps. In the midst of the cold,chilly winds, entering this warm, bright room truly feels as though you are entering heaven.After completing this trek,we visited the Drugyel Dzong,( dzong translates to fort)which was unfortunately under restoration hence we couldn't see it in all it's glory.
Shilpa Shashidhar
Drukgyel Dzong : This is the oldest Dzong is Paro.
Cox & Kings
Drukgyel Dzong: Drugyel Dzong is the best example of a fortified Dzong built in the 17th century to commemorate Bhutanese victory over the combined forces of Tibetan and Mongolian army, which attempted several invasions to the country. Though the fortress was destroyed by fire in 1951, the ruins remain an impressive and imposing sight, reflecting unique and intriguing design and construction techniques.National Museum: (open till 4 pm) housed in the Ta Dzong (watchtower). Here an intriguing collection of artifacts provides a wonderful introduction to the rich culture and heritage of the Kingdom. The rest of the evening is at leisure for independent activities. Overnight in Paro (B).You can stay at-
Nishtha Narang