Hotel Olathang

Shruthi Herle
We stayed at Paro, since the starting point to this trek is just a 20 minute drive from there.An entire day was kept aside for the trek, since we wanted to do it at our own pace. We had rented a car, and the driver dropped us off at the Base.Essentials for the TrekWe over-shopped a bit and bought energy drinks, chocolates, glucose and what not! None of this is required since all that my body craved for during the trek was water. My backpack consisted of two small bottles of water, a head-band to cover my ears (does get a bit cold in the shade, and this was during December), a pair of shades and my Camera.
Vipul Mehta
Constructed in the year 1974 for the coronation of the Fourth King of Bhutan, this hotel has that flavor of Bhutanese architecture. What makes this place magnificent is that it is built on 28 acres of land on top of a hill and has an amazing view of the entire city of Paro. Lovely place to stay.Note: This place is also located on a hill and cabs from Paro usually cost around Rs 100 to drop.