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Paro International Airport Bhutan

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Limited airline operators, only Durk Air and Bhutan Airlines fly to Bhutan from Delhi and Kolkata. We took early morning flight from Delhi to Paro booked via . The journey offers fascinating view of snow covered Himalayan range, so keep your eyes wide open and choose a window seat.
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Addio Bhutan!
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Keep Day-1 for travel. From Paro travel to Thimphu and take rest, start tour next day.
Fun Facts: Paro airport is one of the most difficult landing strips in the world, as it is sandwiched between two Himalayan mountains that are about 18000+ ft. It is reported that only 8 pilots in the world are qualified enough to land a plane at Paro. Do keep a lookout for the window seat for a majestic view of the Mt. Everest.CurrencyBhutanese currency, Ngultrum is at par with Indian Rupee, so much so that you can even use Indian Rupee instead of Ngultrum, you don't need to exchange! However, it is suggested that you carry INR in lower denominations.When To Visit?The best time to visit Bhutan is between March to July and October to December. In summer months, it is advisable to carry only light woollens as the days can get pretty hot. However, be well prepared with warm clothes and trekking gear during the winter months as you do not want to waste time being sick in this majestic country.Where To Stay?Remember that once you arrive in Bhutan, you will want to explore its various valleys and towns. To do so, it best to rent an Airbnb property or private room. It will cater to needs of those who want enjoy a their own space as well as those who simply want a place to bathe and sleep without any exhorbitants. This way, you'll spend less money on accommodation and can thus, spend more on food and expeditions.
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