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Taktsang Trail

♦♦♦ Taktsang Hike: We started the day early with trekking to Taktsang (6 hours-started around 8 am and back by 2 pm, easy trek). No visit to Bhutan is truly complete without a trek to this iconic religious site: Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The higher we hiked, the more prayer flags appeared, Bhutanese believe that hanging strings of these prayer flags will send their prayers to the heavens through the winds.Legend has it Guru Rimpoche, flew to Taktsang back in the 8th Century AD on the back of a tigress. It is believed that the former wife of the emperor, known as Yeshe Tsogyal, willingly became a disciple of Guru Rinpoche and transformed herself into a Tigress for the purpose and landed at the cliff. For three months, three days, and three hours, Guru Rimpoche meditated in what is today called the Taktsang Senge Samdup Cave, before emerging in eight different incarnations. A statue of Dorje Droloe guards the entrance to the cave. Legends aside, this scenic beauty will leave you speechless.♦♦♦ Traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath: This unique experience of hot stone bath after the hike was really refreshing at the Gangtey Palace. Stones gathered from the mountains, known for their mineral properties are heated in a wood fire. Individual wooden tubs are filled with natural spring water and artemisia leaves, the hot rocks are placed in an compartment of the tub. The alchemy behind these rustic baths is that the hot stones release high concentrations of minerals into the bath, relieving joint aches and rejuvenates.
Finally, the day arrived, for the only major tourist spot in the country, at least says so the rules of tourism which misunderstood travelling for sight-seeing. Anyway, the full day was saved for Taktshang Monastery, famously known as the Tiger's Nest! For Rs 800 you will be dropped to and picked up from the base of trekking point. The entry fee to the monastery is Rs 500.
Priya Sharma
Day 6 - Hike the Tiger's nest Monastery. Shop local for souvenirs.
Vinayak Shanker Sharma
Also known as the Tiger's Nest Monastery, it is the biggest attraction for travellers through the world. It sits perched on a cliff and has immense significance for Buddhists worldwide. It is believed that Yeshe Tsogval who was a follower of Guru Rinpoche (Lord Padmasambhava), transformed herself into a tigress and carried Guru Rinpoche on her back from Tibet to Taktsang. It was one of nine caves where he meditated.
trinabh dowerah
Next day early in the morning we decided to go to Taksang Gompa or famously known as the Tiger’s Nest. It was one of the ten most precariously placed shrines in the world . The first glimpse of Tiger’s Nest is magical ! It’s like a secret monastery ,waiting to be discovered . The trek to the monastery is very exciting .After we started the trek , we found ourselves passing through woods, rocks and small springs. While trekking upwards , we witnessed fascinating views of Paro town and the valley below . The trek was very exciting and after 3 hours of trekking we reached Tiger’s Nest and it was divine ! The peacefulness of the surroundings and the spiritual feeling of fulfillment which one gets after 3 hours of gruesome trekking is simply surreal and this makes Tiger’s Nest a must-go destination in the bucket list of every traveler. .Finally after admiring the surrounding natural beauty and clicking photos for sometime we returned from Tiger’s Nest and directly made our journey towards home.